10 Movies Every INFJ Should Watch

Nov 22, 2016

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INFJ are known for being the rare gems in the pack of precious stones. We are diplomatic, idealistic and will fight ceaselessly for what we believe in. We love to study the patterns of the universe and of human behavior – we analyze and get involved. This habit is something many (if not all) of us carry to our taste in books, music, and movies.

It is thus, speaking from an INFJ’s point of view, that I have compiled a list of movies every INFJ should definitely watch. This list has been tried and tested, with a guarantee of having you sit at the edge of your seat with suspense and analyzing every character and his or her motives for doing that insanely foolish thing, or by having you laugh and cry as you literally step into the character shoes and experience his or her happiness and heartache.

What can I say, we tend to get emotionally and intellectually involved – that is what makes us such great listeners and advisors. So, without further ado, here is the tried and tested top ten list of movies every INFJ should watch:

1 Amelie

This one is first, as it is my absolute favorite INFJ movie of all time. Amelie is a movie that tells the story of a young Parisian girl who lives comfortably in her solidarity. She is searching for the meaning of life and the steps to find happiness, and she does this by exercising her exquisite imagination.

While watching this movie you will no longer be yourself, but you will become Amelie. You will laugh at the similarity of your reactions, your mental processing of people and of events, and how you feel her every emotion and every sensation because it is so similar to how you would feel and how you observe the world.

2 It Is Kind of a Funny Story

If you have not watched the movie or read the book yet, I would recommend you to do so immediately. The plot revolves around a 16-year-old boy and his feelings of being overwhelmed in those teen years.

He commits himself into a mental-health facility and it is here where he meets the most interesting people, learns lessons about life and what it means to be alive, as well as how to move on from relationships that no longer serve him. He learned a lot at a young age, things we as adults are still in the process of learning.

INFJ’s will find the story wittingly funny and sympathize with his situation. You will start to see how the events in his life unfold whilst watching a story that is richly and strongly told by the voice of an author that has first-hand experience with the character’s life, as it is based on his own. You will learn, laugh and relinquish in it.

3 The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Again, I present you with a young adult movie, but this one is just too good not to place on the list and it was my absolute favorite movie in 2012. The title says it all: The advantages of being an introvert observing the world.

The story is told from the perspective of a socially awkward teenager called Charlie, who is constantly watching his life go by from the side lines. He wants to participate in his life but finds it extremely difficult and every time he does participate, it ends up being extremely awkward, especially with the kids at school who do not understand him (we all know how high school can be).

However, he soon meets two charismatic and free-spirited students who not only become his mentors, but also his friends. Together they discover music, friendships, first love and what it means to be distinctly present in every aspect of life.

Yet, his new friends eventually have to prepare to leave for college and where will this leave Charlie and his newfound confidence? Will he fall into that pit of inner sadness again? Will the scattered memories of a past he cannot quite make out and remember to threaten to completely consume him? And why does he miss his aunt so much?

I do not think I have to explain why you need to watch this movie or read this book. The questions posed here might just do that for me, if not – why not do it for the sole purpose of knowing that you are not alone in what it feels like as an introvert to often be standing on the side lines, observing the world, and keeping quite because you understand.

4 The Fundamentals of Caring

Written and directed by Rob Burnett, The Fundamentals of Caring is a quirky comedy about a writer who has retired after a personal tragedy, and due to financial need and perhaps subconsciously the need for redemption, decides to become a caregiver for a twenty-year-old boy who suffers from Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

The movie is about the journey the two of them embark on, how they challenge each other and how they discover hope, new friendships and healing along the way. It is humorous and the tone is hopeful. After watching this movie you will see that there is a silver lining in every situation, you just have to look for it.

5 The Time Traveler’s Wife

A beautiful romance that defies time and space – how can one not love this movie? The Time Traveler’s Wife invokes the senses and emotions of the INFJ. And, the science fiction characteristic of Henry suffering from a genetic disorder that causes him to uncontrollably move through time and space, will simply have your mind jumping up and down at the opportunity to analyze his situation and consider the possibility of being able to travel in time.

You will simply not be able to help yourself feel for Henry and his wife, Claire, as they have to deal with the reality of always being out of sync with each other, never knowing when he would appear of disappearing.

On top of that add all the other experiences and stressors of being a married couple and you are faced with two people who are in an impossible situation. Yet, despite the impossibility of their love, it is so strong that it simply cannot disappear – a love that is as real and as timeless as all the galaxies.

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6 The Notebook

This is a favorite among most Myers-Briggs types, as it is the beautiful tale we all hope to live of two people who are simply meant to be together. It is about an average, minimum wage mill worker Noah who falls in love with the new rich girl in town, Allie. We see how they grow more and more in love each day and despite how passionately they fight, they also passionately love each other.

However, her parents do no approve. Noah, not wanting to hold her back in life, decides to break up with her, promising to write. Allie is heartbroken but holds on to that promise and the hope that he would write, proving he still cares.

Seven years go by and she never receives his letters; she eventually becomes involved with another, more appropriate man. Yet, somehow her heart is still calling to Noah, especially after seeing a picture of him in front of the house they dreamed of living in together, in the paper.

She goes back to find out he had written her every day for a year, 365 letters – but that it had been hidden from her. Now she has to decide between the love she has for Noah and the love she has for her fiancé.

INFJ are obsessed with these types of stories because they are drawn to the idea of people having soul mates, who despite the odds, find each other and live happily ever after. We are very idealistic and long to find that perfect love – similar to the one portrayed in The Notebook.

7 The Harry Potter Series

Moving staircases, magic spells, a sport played on broomsticks, an evil wizard headstrong on world domination and an ordinary boy growing up in a dire situation unaware of his potential and purpose in the wizarding world. Who would not want to watch this?

The Harry Potter movies are any INFJ’s dream (and not only because it was written by an INFJ): You get lost in a gripping adventure with an epic battle between good and evil. Visually you will be stimulated by the beautiful shots of the Wizarding world and you will get lost in the well-rounded and rich characters. You will once again be reminded of the deep meaning of honor, selflessness and most importantly, friendship.

8 Inception

This is an obsession of a movie and you might have to watch it a few times to understand it – in a good way, believe me. It is a puzzle that simply seems too good to be true and you just have to figure out what happened, how it happened and who made it happen.

Inception is a movie about a thief with the rare ability to enter people’s dreams and steal their inner most secrets from their subconscious minds – this has given him a stellar reputation in the corporate world, but it has also cost him dearly. This is an intriguing science fiction crime thriller that will definitely have you at the edge of your seat.

9 V is for Vendetta

INFJ’s are driven by the thought of changing the world for the better. We may be quiet, but we are not passive. We will fervently fight for what we believe in and we will not tolerate any abuse of power. V is the epitome of someone we strive to be, he champions for those who cannot do so themselves and he shows us that no one should be allowed to control and exploit us.

V for Vendetta might be set in a futuristic world, but with series like Mr. Robot, it is clear we are slowly approaching the world similar to that presented in this movie and it is up to us to stand up and ensure that those who cannot speak for themselves are spoken up for. Although V’s “terror-fighting terror” approach is not the way to save the world, there are many other ways where you can be an example and a “fighter” for others.

10 The Shining

INFJ’s love a good psychological thriller, especially if it is a mystery and this movie will definitely give them that thrill. The visions presented will be a puzzle for the INFJ’s to figure out and the INFJ will love the symbolism that is evoked in this movie.

The Shining is a movie that tells the story of Jack and his family that become the winter caretakers of an isolated inn. Jack hopes this move will eliminate his writer’s block. However, there is a turn of events as the hotel’s dark secrets are discovered and Danny’s, Jack’s son who has psychic premonitions, visions become darker. Jack starts unraveling and eventually turns into a homicidal maniac determined to terrorize his family.

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Now, go and pop that popcorn, jump in that warm bed and enjoy this list of movies! Let us know which one was your favorite in the comment section below.