10 Movies Every INFJ Should Watch

Nov 22, 2016

Photo: pinterest.com

INFJ are known for being the rare gems in the pack of precious stones. We are diplomatic, idealistic and will fight ceaselessly for what we believe in. We love to study the patterns of the universe and of human behavior – we analyze and get involved. This habit is something many (if not all) of us carry to our taste in books, music, and movies.

It is thus, speaking from an INFJ’s point of view, that I have compiled a list of movies every INFJ should definitely watch. This list has been tried and tested, with a guarantee of having you sit at the edge of your seat with suspense and analyzing every character and his or her motives for doing that insanely foolish thing, or by having you laugh and cry as you literally step into the character shoes and experience his or her happiness and heartache.

What can I say, we tend to get emotionally and intellectually involved – that is what makes us such great listeners and advisors. So, without further ado, here is the tried and tested top ten list of movies every INFJ should watch:

1 Amelie

This one is first, as it is my absolute favorite INFJ movie of all time. Amelie is a movie that tells the story of a young Parisian girl who lives comfortably in her solidarity. She is searching for the meaning of life and the steps to find happiness, and she does this by exercising her exquisite imagination.

While watching this movie you will no longer be yourself, but you will become Amelie. You will laugh at the similarity of your reactions, your mental processing of people and of events, and how you feel her every emotion and every sensation because it is so similar to how you would feel and how you observe the world.