What Your Myers-Briggs Type Says About Your Relationship Troubles

The Myers-Briggs test has been used for decades to help individuals learn more about themselves by pinpointing their personality type and even point them in the right direction for major decisions such as their career.

Now, it is being used to help us figure out why our relationships keep failing. Turns out, our personality types can reveal quite a lot about how we interact with others and, more importantly, how we can improve. Here is what your Myers-Briggs type says about your relationship troubles.


When it comes to romantic relationships, you like to be in control and it is pretty much your way or the highway. You like for things to stay interesting or you get bored easily and feel the pull to jump ship. Try to find a partner that likes to keep things fresh too or you are in for a long string of short relationships.


You are a strong woman and you need a strong man to be able to stand up to you which can be hard to find. Some men are probably intimidated by you because of your take-charge attitude, so be aware of that when meeting someone on for a first date. But do not feel like you need to settle for a weaker man, wait for that strong one to come along or you will be miserable.


You are a free bird and can’t stand to feel tied down to a place or even people unless it is something really special. You need someone who can respect your need for freedom but who also inspires you to stick around. Make sure you are giving the guy a chance before you run away when the first sign of commitment shows.


You tend to be reserved and a little on the shy side, which means you do not usually put yourself out there in the dating world. The problem with this is that the right guy may be out there just waiting for a sign from you that you are interested and if you’re too shy, he is probably not getting the assurance he needs to take that first step. Try to come out of your shell a little and let potential suitors know that you would like to get to know them better.


You are a hunter. You single someone out that catches your eye and then use your charm to win them over. You are also fiercely loyal even when the other person turns out to not be deserving of it. Make sure that you are not wasting time and energy on someone that will never be worthy of all that you are.


You tend to hold onto the past a little too hard for a little too long, which means it takes you awhile to get over past loves. Remember that no one likes someone that brings in a truckload of baggage. Besides, those past relationships ended for a reason so it is time to let them go and find someone new.

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You have a fear of commitment so it takes you longer to commit to a relationship than others. The bad thing about that is it keeps the other person hanging around waiting for you to make up your mind. Try to come to a decision quicker so you’re they are not hanging on for no reason.


You tend to lose focus easily and then you lose sight of what a good thing you have, which leads to your partner feeling taken for granted. Keep your eyes open and make sure that your significant other feels appreciated before they give up and move on.


You put your partners on a pedestal and have the tendency to get way too needy. The problem with this is that no one can ever satisfy you completely. Your happiness should not depend on anyone else, it is not healthy. Being so reliant on others has probably led you to jump from one relationship to the next, too. Try to give yourself a season to be single and figure out who you really are without a man.


You are a perfectionist and therefore you demand perfection in others, especially your partner. You have a tendency to pick someone apart and creating major problems that lead to a bad breakup. Try to accept others for who they are and have grace for whatever flaw you think they have. There is plenty of happiness to be found in imperfection!

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You wear your heart on your sleeve and tend to be overly emotional at times. While it is never a bad thing to love someone fully, it can lead to you feeling disappointed when they do not show you the same level of affection and commitment. Make sure that your partner is on the same level as you before you give your whole heart to them.

12. ENTJ

You have a tough persona, but underneath you are as soft as they come. This tenderness makes you afraid of hurting other people’s feelings so you may get stuck in a bad relationship or you may avoid them altogether so you do not have to deal with a breakup.


You are in love with love. You are looking for a fairytale or something out of the movies, but the problem is that they are not real. Love is messy in real life and if you are always holding out for perfection, you may end up alone.


You are always looking for the next exciting thing so you have a tendency to get bored quickly in relationships. Remember, the grass is not always greener on the other side. If you are constantly jumping from one guy to the next just to keep it “fun” you will never get to the best part of a relationship.


You rush into love way too fast. You are the kind of person that believes in love at first sight and often feel like you love someone after only knowing them an hour or two. Be aware that this can be downright disturbing to others and you may scare a great guy away if you profess your love by the end of the first date.

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You do not communicate your feelings to your partner because you assume that they know how you really feel. What is crazy about that is that your personality yearns for appreciation more than any other so you crave the very thing that you are withholding from them. Remember how much you wish someone would tell you that appreciate all that you do, and then do the same for them.

So, what is your Myers-Briggs type and how did you figure it out? Did you recognize any of these relationship troubles? Are you going to change something?