7 Things You’ll Always Remember about Your First Love

Oct 26, 2022

First love is pure and special. It fills the hearts of both women and men with inexplicable feelings. You can date as many guys as you want, but you will never forget your first love. I have met many old people who spoke about their first loves as if it happened a year ago. They remember the tiniest details like where they met for the first time, or what they were wearing. My mom once told me that people who don’t remember their first love have never loved anyone.

Whether your first love didn’t work out, or you’ve just fallen in love for the first time, here are the most important things you will always remember about your first love:

1 The first kiss

I’m not talking about the first time you kissed a guy. I’m talking about the first time you kissed your first love. You will remember where and when it happened, and how you were sitting or standing. Plus, you will never forget those amazing feelings, no matter how many years pass.

2 The first time you met

You will never forget the place where you met your first love. You may even want to visit that place to remember those pure feelings and happy moments. I remember the first time I saw and spoke to my husband (he is my first and hopefully last love) and I even remember his first words, his clothes and his nervous smile. It was more than ten years ago but I remember almost every detail about the first time I met my love.

3 His smile

My aunt (who is already in her 50s) once told me that she can’t forget the smile of her first boyfriend, though she doesn’t love him anymore. I asked my cousins, friends and some coworkers if they could remember the smile of the first man they loved, and most of them said how nice that smile was. Smile is definitely one of those things you will always remember about your first love.

4 The first trip you had together

Do you remember the first trip you had together with your first love? Of course you do. That first trip was probably filled with new experiences, happy moments and some intimate moments. You may say, “I don’t remember that,” but once you think about it, you will recollect many details.

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5 The laughs and the grief you shared together

No relationship is perfect. You had lots of fun times and probably you had a few bad times. When I felt in love with my husband, my grandmother died. It was one of the hardest periods in my life. I was unbearable and suffered from a severe depression, but he stayed with me all the time. He helped me to become happy again and I’m so thankful him for it. I will never forget it as well as I will always remember all those happy moments we had together. Having been together for ten years, we still enjoy the laughs and overcome the problems together as we did the first time we met.

6 Money wasn’t important

Let’s be honest, when you start dating a man in your 20s or 30s, you expect him to pay for your meal or trip, or buy something for you. There’s nothing wrong with that, because today people pay huge attention to money. When you were in love for the first time, chances are money wasn’t important to both of you. You didn’t think about luxury restaurants and top-flight resorts. You two were happy to have a small picnic or a long walk in the park without worrying about money.

7 How long your first love lasted

First love can last for a week, a month, a year, or forever. No matter how long your first love lasted, you will always remember about it. You may not remember the details and the dates, but you will never forget how long your first love lasted and why you broke up. It’s hard to forget a first love breakup. Luckily, I didn’t experience a first love breakup, but I think it’s impossible to get it out of the head for good.

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No matter how hard we try, we can’t forget about a first love. There are things that you will remember for many years to come. First love is special so don’t try to get rid of it. Learn some precious lessons from it and appreciate those moments you had with your first love. Is it hard to forget a first love? What things do you remember about your own first love?