Yes, Girl, You Are About to Start Crushing on Him

Feb 17, 2017

There is a moment throughout the day when you just know it – that the guy you wound up speaking with by coincidence at work or outside of class just a few days ago is the one. No, he may not be Mr. Right, but he is definitely going to be your next crush. What makes this so obvious? There are signs, and many of them have to do with your giggly self and your feelings.

Do not fight the feels

You see him, think about him, or get a text message from him on the random. Suddenly, you are all a-swoon with something akin to excitement and anxiety. You are not entirely sure which is which at this point. Repressing these feelings are impossible, so just go with it.

All you need to know is that this is the precursor to crushing hard. You are not thinking about him all the time, nor are you obsessed, but these random pop-ups are a sign that your brain is trying to tell you something.

You get confusingly jealous

Even though you rarely know each other’s last name, when you see him conversing with someone else, you find yourself wondering what the subject matter is. If anything you like is part of the dialogue. Part of you begins to think about intercepting the volley of interest before it even starts.

Then you realize, “Wait, why would I want to do that?” Then you shake your head and move on, none the wiser of Cupid’s arrow stuck in back. This rumble of jealous is a sign that you are starting to think of this person as more than just a friend or coworker. You are developing a different level of feeling that has yet to receive a title.

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You are eager

Before the crushing starts, where you have to see him all of the time, you find yourself pondering whether or not he is going to be present in class or scheduled to share the same time slot with you again, for example.

If he often shows up at some place routinely, like Starbucks at 4 o’clock, you might one day find yourself standing in line at the café at 3:58 PM and asking yourself where the heck he is.

Aside from being eager to see him, you might unthinkingly agree to do things for him. Take it from the independent loner: When you opt to do something for a guy in head of your own needs, it is a surefire sign that the chemistry is cooking, and you just have not realized it yet.

When conversing you wonder how he sees you

In the midst of a chat, a seemingly innocent thought will enter you mind: What does he think of me? Suddenly, you begin to second-guess everything that just exited your mouth. If your face gets red and hot, it means you are starting to build up a need to please and impress this person.

Of course, anything following that thought will probably be a nervous giggle or babble and you twirling hair around your finger. These are all signs that a crush is forming, by the way.

Once the discussion wraps up, though, you will feel refreshed. Happy. Abuzz with the possibility of having more chats like that one in the future. It may not feel like feelings of “love,” but that surge of good vibes is going to get hormones associated with like and love floating all about your head.

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Crushes develop out of the blue, and they crash down upon us like lightning bolts that sizzle our nerves. Most of us seem to be gluttons for punishment though, because we crush again and again until we find the person we crush on perpetually. Do not fight the feelings. Learn how to pinpoint them, and use them well.