10 Astonishing Benefits of Dating a Vegetarian

Jan 7, 2017

We all know that being a vegetarian has many benefits but did you know that dating a vegetarian can benefit you too? It is true. And you may be pretty surprised at some of them. Take a look through my top ten reasons that you should start looking for your next date in the produce section.

1 They will live forever

Studies show that vegetarians are healthier (duh!) and so they have a lower death rate. One of the reasons for this is due to their improved cardiovascular health. So, you do not have to worry about getting attached to them because they will be around for a long time.

2 Vegetarians can take a joke

They probably have a good sense of humor. Why? Because they are so often the target of jokes that they have learned to laugh at themselves a little or at least developed a thick skin.

3 They are pretty even-keel

They are less prone to mood swings due to their plant-based diets, which is always a good thing. Plus, this means you probably will not have many fights since they are always even-tempered.

4 Vegetarians know their way around the kitchen

They have learned to be creative cooks in order to keep their meals interesting so you will probably get some really good food out of the deal. Do not be scared to try new recipes, you would be surprised just how good a veggie burger can be.

5 They have a lot in common with super smart people

They are in really wonderful company. Did you know that some of the most iconic people were vegetarians? I am talking about Albert Einstein, Rosa Parks, and Gandhi. Maybe they knew something we do not know?

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6 Vegetarians take you as you are

They accept you as you are because they have been judged enough already. According to a Match.com survey, vegetarians are far less judgmental of their significant others so you can finally be yourself.

7 They will save you a buck

Unless you go to a top-notch vegan-friendly restaurant, they make cheap dates because their meals typically cost less since they are meat-free. If you are a penny pincher this may be reason enough for you to fall in love with a vegetarian.

8 They are positive influences

They care about health so they are a positive influence to have around. We can all use a little accountability from time to time so this is a real plus for most of us. Dating a vegetarian is all about gratitude attitude and positive lifestyle.

9 But they can let loose, too

While vegetarians are pretty healthy, they can still indulge in plenty of junk food since most of it is pure sugar and meat-free so they are also fun to lay around with and stuff your face with Cheetos.

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10 Top reason to date a vegetarian?

They are better in bed. Let’s end with a whopper. Studies show that vegetarians have better sex lives largely thanks to their diet which boosts their hormone levels. Well, guys, are you still trying to avoid vegetarian girls? Turns out, they are not as bad as you thought.

As you can obviously see, dating a vegetarian comes with some major benefits and you’d be pretty lucky to be on the receiving end of them! So head on over to the farmer’s market and work on your pickup lines.