7 Tips for Dating Over 50

Mar 13, 2016

Are you in your 50s? Do you still want to venture the dating world, maybe even find love while at it? Then you should read this carefully. While dating at 50 may not be rocket science, it is still not easy unlike when you were young.

A lot of the dynamics that you were used to might have changed in the dating scene. You may not be as strong as you used to be, you may not handle a whole night of partying or even as many glasses of your favorite drink, but this should not be a hindrance to your happiness, so follow these simple rules and enjoy the dating world in your 50s.

1 Let go of baggage

Let me be honest with you, after 50 years roaming this world we are bound to have a lot of baggage that we are carrying. Not one of us will ever be perfect. Not one of us will ever be spick and span. We all have our flaws. You should accept this simple fact. You and your dating partner have baggage. You should never, ever, not even once try to bond over your baggage. Remember that.

2 Be direct

Ask the questions that you want answers. Take control of what you want and what you expect. Enhance communication between you and your partner. Let us face it; nobody wants to play peek-a-boo at 50. We are getting old and tired. Save yourself and you dating partner the drama and go straight to the point. It will not only save you a lot of drama, but also help you find that special someone that you are going to bond with.

3 Everyone is different

It is important to realize that everyone is different. Here age does not apply. The speed that you are willing to move at may not be the same that your partner may want to move at. You should accept this simple fact and make a conclusion from it. You could either choose to stick to their pace or find another partner that is willing to move with you. Make a lot of considerations before taking this important decision.

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4 Do not force yourself

Never force yourself on someone that you do not feel the connection with. With age comes experience, right? You should use this to your advantage, make a sound judgment to when someone is into you or not. If they are, check out the other rules and go for it. If they are not, I would look into other options, if I were you.

5 Do not be afraid to try new things

If you find yourself dating a much younger partner, which is likely to happen, you should know a few things. They are younger than you. I know that was obvious. Being the older one in the relationship, you are bound to make most of the decisions for the relationship and keep it in check.

While you may not be as energetic as your partner, you should try taking part in some of the activities they are doing. You should also accept the fact that you may be way more mature than they are and your interests may differ a lot. Always weigh your decisions and make the sanest judgment.

6 Know your date’s goals

Know what their goals and expectations in life are. In 50s, we all have minds of our own. We might have achieved some of the things we wanted if not all. Taking this into consideration, you should know what your partner’s plans and how they are going to reach their goals. It is for the simple reason that they may be a hindrance to your goals. They might also expect so much from you than you can offer. So do take a time to know your dating partner’s goals and expectations.

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7 Do not rush on anything

I saved the best for last. Who am I kidding? I didn’t even want to talk about this but for your sake, I have to. Sex! At some point in your dating, this is bound to come up. You should remember you are not a teenager; you do not want to partake in the ritualistic walk of shame after a night out, or worse yet wake up to someone you just met. You should wait. You should talk with your partner about safe sex and their expectations.

These are just a few basic rules to follow before leaping into the dating world in your 50s. The mind is your greatest asset. Dating is not static. Things are always changing. Be smart and keep up with the changing dynamics and you will be sure to have splendid dates well beyond your jubilee.