7 Things Alpha Women Crave in a Relationship

Dec 27, 2016

I like to consider myself an Alpha woman these days, but this was not always the case. I am a reformed people-pleaser too. I used to date guys who would put me down and boss me around, and I used to allow this to happen to myself.

As a woman who has been through a great deal of therapy and personal development, I have really found my inner Alpha vibes and I now proudly wear them on the outside for all to see.

I used to wonder if being in control of my own destiny meant being single forever, as my previous experiences of relationships had been so much about compromise. But that is really not the case.

Alpha women need to be with someone who respects and supports them. Insecure men can be easily threatened by a strong woman and this can oftentimes be a big source of conflict, causing controlling and jealous behavior to creep in. We need to be with a partner who knows their own worth and knows ours too.

If you are a single Alpha, please do not lose hope for your love life. You do not need to be alone. You just need to find someone who loves your strong spirit and can match your passion for life. Here are seven things that I think all women deserve in a relationship, and that Alpha women will make sure that they get.

1 Freedom

No one likes to feel trapped, contained, or restricted in any way. I used to accept a certain amount of this in my younger years. As I have grown up, I have a deep appreciation for my freedom, and a deeper appreciation for people who respect that about me.

2 Support

No woman is an island. We all need someone on our team. Alpha women are ambitious and we take on big challenges. We need to be supported in our endeavors, not discouraged or kept small. Support us and we will make you proud.

3 Respect

I know that I used to allow boyfriends to disrespect me, and if I believed in having regrets, then I guess this would be one of them. Fortunately, I believe in lessons rather than regrets.

So for me, having felt the huge difference between a partner that does not respect you and one that does, I would never go backwards. We all deserve to be respected. If you have been allowing someone in your life to disrespect you, then is there a lesson for you to learn too?

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4 Affection

Alpha women are not scary, harsh creatures who crave power. Yes, we are ambitious, but we just want to be happy like everyone else does. We too crave affection. So men, listen up, we do not want you to hold back on the cuddles. We are human beings and we need to be loved.

5 A cheerleader

An Alpha woman loves to have positive people around her. We are positive people with a can-do attitude, so check your negativity at the front door, or do not come in. I think we make great cheerleaders for our friends and family, and we wish for the same in return. An Alpha woman needs a partner who will cheer her on towards her goals and celebrate with her when she gets there.

6 Honesty

If I am facing a big career or life decision, I will talk it through with my partner. Not because I need his permission, but because I know he will give me a different perspective and I trust him to be honest with me. Alpha women are honest to a fault, and we love to get the same in return. Tell us the truth and we will always respect you.

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7 A partner in crime

Wouldn’t you love it if your partner not only respected your ambition, but got involved in goal setting with you too? Having a partner in crime to push you past your fears and help you up those hills is invaluable.

Personally, I think there is nothing more attractive in a person than a passion for life. A partner who will take on challenges with you is more that just a support, they are the Clyde to your Bonnie, the Mr. to your Mrs. Smith.

Finally, remember Aplha women are not elitist. They do love others and they can be weak at times. How about you? Do you think there is anything missing from my list? Please share your comments below.