10 Compliments Strong Women Adore

Don’t we all love a compliment? After all, we are human beings with the same need for connection, recognition, and acceptance. A compliment provides us with all three of those things.

I guess to some people, the term ‘strong women’ might conjure up images of no-nonsense, hard-nosed business people who do not care for kind words. But I think that is rather silly. As strong women, we do not have any less need for a compliment now and again.

We do need recognition, and we love to be recognized for the things that are important to us: our strengths, passions, and efforts in this world. We do not need disingenuousness or misogyny that sometimes comes with a compliment directed at a woman.

So please do tell us that we look lovely, but without the leering. And please do congratulate us on our achievements, but only if you really mean it. We do not need lip service. Here are ten compliments that strong women absolutely adore.

1 Congratulations on your accomplishment

Genuine praise for a good job done well; who wouldn’t love that? Strong women get out there and get stuff done. We are here to make changes in this world, and we love to have our efforts recognized.

2 That was brave of you

As strong women, we do tackle some daunting stuff when the occasion calls for it. Stretching the walls of our comfort zone is done willingly, for the greater good, but it is not done without a struggle. It is nice to have that effort recognized. We are proud of our bravery, and we want those we care about to be proud of us too.

3 You are an inspiration

Other strong women inspire strong women, and we are proud to be a part of that. If we inspire you, feel free to tell us. We will love you for it.

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4 You are kind

Strong women can be misconstrued as harsh or uncaring. We love it when people recognize that his is not the case. Kindness is an important human quality that we value just as much as anyone else.

5 You are so great at…

We all have an ego. I am sorry if you did not want to hear that; it is true. The ego is a fundamental part of the human psyche. And egos get hungry; they need to be fed, or over time, our sense of self-worth starts to suffer. Being complimented on being great at something we care about really means a lot to us. So do not be shy; if we are doing well, then please tell us.

6 You are a great listener

Strong does not mean opinionated. We can listen just as well as we speak. Strong women know the power of being listened to. It is so important. And as much as we want to be listened to, we want to return the favor too.

7 You look lovely (without leering)

Hey guys, our eyes are up here, on our faces. We want to look nice, so please tell us that we do, but not in a creepy way.

8 Your help was so appreciated

When we go out of our way to help someone, just like anyone else, we would love a thank you. And one that compliments the skills we shared with you would not go amiss. Unfortunately, strong women who give a lot of themselves sometimes end up being taken for granted. Of course, that means we are going to take our help elsewhere eventually. So do not forget to show your gratitude.

9 Anyone would be lucky to have you on their team

We love to have our contributions acknowledged, teamwork being one of them. Most strong women I know are passionate about their work and proud of their efforts. A compliment about our contributions makes us amazingly happy.

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10 You are a great friend

Being strong does not necessarily mean flying solo. We need our friends and love to hear that they need us too. While we do not have a hundred friends, we appreciate those we have.

So, in summary, it is a ‘yes please’ to any genuine appreciation of our efforts, skills, and friendship. We are human, and we long to be recognized, as everyone does. Please do not let our strength scare you off.