8 Things Every Narcissist Craves

According to WebMD, narcissism is not just a self-love or self-care; today it is a disorder that is called Narcissistic Personality Disorder. While there is nothing wrong in falling in love with yourself, it does not have to turn into a malignant self-love.

Whether you are often called a narcissist or you are dealing with such type of people, it is easy to find out if you or they are suffering from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. Check out the list of the things each narcissist craves to know for sure.

1 Tons of attention

We all want attention once in a while, but do not bother when we do not get it. Narcissists wake up with a dream of getting lots of attention. They just love being the center of attention.

They are always trying to find someone to satisfy their unquenchable ego and get mad or depressed every time they feel lack of attention. The worst is, narcissists always think they do not get enough attention.

2 Confidence

It sounds astonishing, but the majority of narcissists believe they need to boost their confidence and some even are sure they are a total failure. They often feel lost, especially in the complicated situations and are unable to take reasonable decisions.

3 Respect

Again, every one of us craves respect, but a narcissist literally demands it from all people surrounding them. If they feel lack of respect, and they do feel it all the time even though people truly respect them, you instantly start feeling broken. Not to mention that they get angry and can yell at you for no obvious reason.

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4 Power

It seems like all narcissists want to be emperors, but it is not easy to gain the power in this highly competitive world. This fact makes a narcissist feel anxious, depressed, and sometimes too aggressive.

5 Money

Of course, narcissists crave money to boost their self-esteem, gain more power, and achieve their goals. They are not obsessed with cash, though. They simply use it as a tool to improve themselves and make their lives more comfortable.

6 Revenge

Although narcissists are mainly passive-aggressive personalities, they are extremely unforgiving. They will not show their anger or rage until you hurt their ego, feelings, or simply say the wrong word about them.

7 Love

Narcissists thrive when someone loves them unconditionally. However, they never bother to love other people back, especially in relationships. Sure, they believe only they deserve to be loved. Even if they do show some signs of love, they are usually temporary.

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8 Compliments

Narcissists crave compliments – literally. Their day will be ruined if they receive no compliment. They hate criticism, so if you criticise them, make sure you end your conversation with a compliment – or two – to avoid their anger and revenge.

Narcissists know how to get the things they want so watch out. Of course, it does not mean that these people are unbearable. No! Narcissists are fun and caring at times; it depends on who is with them.