11 Ways to Change Negative Body Image

It is summer time and I’m sure many of you are fretting about fitting into skin revealing clothing and wondering how you will look in a swimsuit. As women, we often feel pressured to look a certain way and when that doesn’t happen we end up feeling poorly about ourselves.

Along the way of achieving our perfect bodies we all want, we end up compromising our self-esteem and how we view our bodies. Here are eleven ways you can change your negative body image:

1 Take it easy

Do not be so mean to yourself. Be nice to yourself. Treat yourself like you would you best friend, significant other or family member. Stop the negative self-talk. The negative thoughts that pop up in your mind every time you see yourself in the mirror are just thoughts that you have enough power to overcome.

2 Forget the diet hype

That’s right, forget all about it. Diets are temporary. If you are unhappy with your body, know you can do something about it. You can make a lifestyle change. This can be a commitment to change how you eat and how frequently you exercise. Remember, Rome was not built in a day.

3 Know your body and accept it

We are shaped differently. Some of us have short legs, some have long legs. The uniqueness of our bodies makes us, well us. Rather than focusing on areas of your body you do not like, why not appreciate the areas you do like?

4 Solve your problems, do not eat your problems

Having a negative body image can trigger a whole barrage of destructive behaviors. Personally, when I am stressed or not feeling good about myself I tend to eat my worries away.

That doesn’t solve them. Instead, it creates more stress and the cycle may repeat over and over again. Negative body image can be draining and it can lead to unhealthy habits. Be mindful of the relationship you have with food.

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5 Think long term

Set healthy goals. When I say healthy goals, what I really mean is realistic goals. Do not set a goal to lose weight. How about set a goal to fit into a pair of pants that will complement your body shape?

How about setting a goal to be able to run a mile in a certain time? Or even set a goal to eat more fruits and veggies every day. Healthy and realistic goals will allow you the opportunity to create long lasting habits.

6 Celebrate the uniqueness of you

Again, we are all shaped differently and there is no one out there like us. We are our own unique specimen. Meaning, the quirks, the imperfections, and our own strengths are to be celebrated.

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7 Seek out media that reinforces positive body image

Stop obsessing over what celebrities look like and how they attain their body. Instead, read magazines that focus on being strong, fit, and happy. What we do not keep in mind is that all the media we are exposed to has been heavily manipulated so the model on the cover of the magazine looks perfect. It’s not real.

8 Find your body purpose

What is the purpose of your body? Is it to carry your spirit throughout life? Is it to be strong and healthy to afford you the ability to do the things you wish to do? It is all of these? Yes. Focus on your body purpose. What purpose do you want your body to serve?

9 You are not like them

Ditch comparison. You are not your friends, celebrities, sister, or random stranger. And they are not you. Let go of the need to compare yourself to others. You are beautiful no matter the shape or size you are.

10 Practice body gratitude

All too often us women are pressured into looking a certain way. The pressure can be intense and grueling. Rather than succumbing to the pressure, stop for a moment and reflect on what you do have.

Meaning, appreciate your body for what it is. Can you walk? Can you exercise? Can you sit comfortably without pain? Appreciate your bodies unique capabilities and all the potential you have for the future.

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11 Take charge of the capabilities your body does have

Last but not least, if you are able to walk, run, sit comfortably, and move throughout your day without pain you are fortunate. These capabilities are not to be taken for granted.

Take charge of all the potential your body has today and can do in the future. What we often forget is the body is more resilient that we realize, it is the mind that needs training.

Negative self-body image is a terrible and difficult thing to overcome. You can enlist the support of friends and family by talking to them about your worries. But know, that everyone is unique and has a unique look. Use the above techniques to help you build a positive body image that will last a lifetime.