Lioness Arise: It Is Time to Take Back Your Glory

Jun 29, 2016

This one is for all the ladies out there that are sick and tired of being treated as nothing more than an object for a man’s needs and desires. The ladies out there that are tired of crying tainted tears of rejection and abandonment. The ladies out there who are desperately looking for their worth and are starting to realize it is not in the slap of her butt or the long-awaited touch of a busy man.

Regardless of how great women are, we are still seen as the weakest link

No matter how much we believe we have received an equal standing with men, the fact of the matter is, we are still seen as the weakest link, the worst drivers, and individuals whose place is at home, cooking dinner and taking care of the kids.

Due to our inability to see past the propaganda bombarded on us by various outlets, we believe that all is good in the world with the ‘us vs them’ fight. However, according to the Institute for Women’s Policy Research, in 2015 women received 79 cents for every dollar earned by men, giving us a gender wage gap of 21%.

Catalyst (a non-profit organization with a mission to accelerate the progress of women in society) gave us a more global view on this issue: In Australia the gender wage gap is 18 %, in Germany it is 13.4%, in Japan it is a whopping 26.6%, in Mexico it is 18.3% and in the United Kingdom it is 17.4% (we shall see what happens to this statistic now that they have decided to leave the EU).

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Women are often subject to abuse and rejection

That is only in the workplace – but there are many other avenues where women are subject to abuse and rejection: Women feel they have to succumb to the ideal picture society (that is mostly dictated by men) set out for them to be and they take extreme and many times, dangerous measures to comply with it.

They have to look for a certain way to be considered beautiful and worthy. They have to own certain things in order to be considered important. Most of all, they have to behave and think in a certain way in order not to be rejected and labeled as strange.

We have forgotten the legacy of the powerful women fighting for the ‘equality’ we have today

What has happened to the spirit of the lioness fighting to find her voice amidst the curses of the repelled man wanting to contain and imprison the wonder that is a woman? What has happened to the unity we use to have as lionesses, working towards a cause that is brighter for us all?

Today, we would rather spend time criticizing and breaking each other down in order to feel better; we would rather spend time begging a man to give us a few minutes of his time and attention – even if that means changing who we are in the process. I am shocked to see the level to which we have sunk as lionesses, but most of all I am scared, scared because we have forgotten the legacy of the powerful women fighting for the ‘equality’ we have today.

Yet, what truly terrifies me is the legacy we are leaving for our daughters, our sisters, our nieces – the generation of tomorrow. I look at what follows us and I am saddened – they are looking at our actions and repeating it. Can we stand proudly at the example we are giving them? Can we really stand blameless in the face of all the unwanted teen pregnancies and suicide – all the physical and emotional abuse that young women are suffering under?

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It is time to remember our worth

Ladies, it is time to remember our worth. It is time to remember we are roaring lionesses that no one should dare to mess with. It is time that we stop our bickering and criticizing, come together in unity and teach the cubs – and by cubs, I mean boys and girls – of tomorrow that they are powerful beyond measure.

We should teach them that there is absolutely nothing wrong or ‘faulty’ with the way they look and act, that the thing that makes them stand out as unique individuals is also the thing that will make them an invincible force of nature.

We have to get out of our selfish bubble of comfort and start thinking about tomorrow – it is in our hands, let us not abandon it. Let us start arising with the knowledge that we are lights made to demolish darkness, we have a mission, a purpose – let us start to live it!