6 Ways to Raise a Son Who Will Respect Women

May 1, 2016

The status of a woman is different around the world. There are countries and places where men do not respect women at all. The sad thing is that a mother who knows how it feels when no one respects you raises a son who, in turn, offenses other women, including his mom.

That is why feminism is so popular these days. Feminism is not about hating men. It is about respecting every woman no matter her age, race, nationality or religion. If you have a son and want him to grow up to be a real gentleman, check out the following six ways to raise a son who will respect women.

1 Share your success with him

Your son should know that a woman has the right be as successful as a man. She has goals and enough power to reach them. You do not have to be a wealthy businesswoman to share your achievements with your son. You are already a successful mother so let your son know it as often as possible.

Talk about other successful women from different parts of the world so that your son knows that race or religion does not matter. Plus, let him know that every woman has the right to choose her lifestyle – some strive to reach high career goals while other prefer to be stay-at-home moms.

2 Do not talk bad about his father

Whether you are married or divorced, never talk bad about your son’s father. Your son should realize that women respect men too. Try to avoid fighting when your child is home. If your (ex) husband does not respect you and you can do nothing about it, it does not mean you should hate him too. Remember, you are a role model to your son. Let it be. When he grows up, he will understand that his dad was not right.

3 Discuss the women’s rights

Maybe not each day, but once in a while, it is crucial that you and your son talk about the women’s right openly. Start with the history. He should know how women struggled for gender equality in the 20s, and if you have a teen son, how many women are suffering from rape and abuse.

These topics are not the most interesting ones, but discussing them regularly will help you raise a son who will respect women regardless of anything. But make sure your son does not feel guilty for being male. Let him know that some men suffer from gender equality as well.

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4 Avoid pursuing his whims

I know you love your son and want to make him smile and happy every second, but pursuing his whims is a surefire way to raise a son who will be sure that women must do anything to satisfy men’s whims and needs. No way. Know when to say no, ignoring whining and tears.

5 Do not talk bad about other women

You may hate the way your female coworker dresses on the daily basis, or you may not like your husband’s mom, sister or aunt. It is your problem. Your son should not hear how you judge them. Otherwise, he may think that some women are good while others do not deserve to be respected. Keep your emotions under control, at least when your son is around.

6 Get him involved in household chores and tasks

Mothers rarely ask their sons to help them with cooking, cleaning, and other household chores, especially if they have daughters. You and your husband should set an example and show your son that a man and a woman are equal when it comes to household chores and tasks. If you have a daughter and a son, make sure you do not serve your son or your daughter. Get them both involved in household chores.

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Raising a son who will respect women is not rocket science, but you should not ignore the problem too. First of all, your son is someone’s future husband, and you definitely want him to respect his wife as well as other women in the world. Do you think it is important to talk to your son about women’s right?