Happy Parenting: Children Are Our Future Judges

May 8, 2023

We all know that children are our future, but they are our judges as well. Today I’d like to reflect on the theme of relationship between parents and their children. This topic has always been of current importance, because a happy family is the dream of every person on this planet.

At first, parents are gods in the eyes of their children, but everything changes with time. Time doesn’t stand still. We are aging while our kids are growing up. Humanity is powerless in the face of time and the process of aging. Parents usually hand their achievements and amenities on down the generations. Moreover, they should endow kids with power and skills, because money is not the main thing in life.

It often happens that lack of mutual understanding or financial troubles can create a huge communication gap or conflicts between a parent and a child. I hope this article will help you understand that little children are small personalities. They can take offence, love or hate as well. It’s important to treat each other with love and respect. I believe that these rules are the secrets of strong and healthy relationships of a happy family.

The quality of upbringing

Upbringing has always been the main element of personal development. Every time I talk about upbringing, I remember the most suitable saying, “As you sow, so you shall reap.” A child can be compared with a clean paper. Parents can foster either positive or negative values or qualities in their children. The quality of upbringing and the environment can significantly influence on the formation of child’s character and temperament. Constant fights and shouts inside the family circle make children nervous and unlucky. Consequently, they blame their parents in their problems. Then, they waste years on handling the situation and they judge everyone for the issues they have, instead of looking for the way out. I think that parents should do their best to bring up happy and full-fledged kids.

If you have two kids in your family, you should teach them to share things and gifts. It will help them avoid the feeling of selfishness. Furthermore, it’s necessary to develop the sense of gratitude in the hearts of your children. They’ll know how to appreciate small and big things and achievements in their lives.

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Children are the reflection of their parents

No matter how you slice it, children have much in common with their parents. They like to copy their actions, manners and behaviors. Kids also find it cool to use the same jokes or phrases. Parents are the first teachers who help the kids live and interact with the world. When I was a child, I loved to imitate my mom. I liked to dress in the same clothes and tried to copy her make-ups. She couldn’t stop laughing when noticed my new styles of dressing up.

Unfortunately, children can reflect not only positive qualities of their parents, but borrow their bad habits, words and traits of character as well. Wise people say, “If you want to notice your own shortcomings then look at your child.” Parents should be careful with what they do and the words they say, because they can give bad examples to their kids. As a parent, I want to say that my kids are my dignity and future. I know all my shortcomings and negative traits of character. However, I try to hide them from my kids, because I don’t want them to make the same mistakes. I want them to be free from fears, principles and bad habits. If I bring up wonderful people, I’ll have a chance to become better, because my children will be a majestic role model for me.

Respect your child’s zeal and desires

Nowadays parents often make two big mistakes. They either indulge their kids’ every whim or forbid them to develop in directions they feel passionate about. Parents find their kids’ desires pointless and light. I think that parents should try to provide all possible facilities and opportunities for their kids to make a step into a better future.

We should realize that forbidden fruit is very sweet. Constant misunderstandings and prohibitions can ruin trust and spoil relationships between children and parents. It’s extremely important to open your eyes and notice your children’s talents. Moreover, they should support their kids’ attempts to find a right calling in life. Both financial and mental supports play a big role in the process of child’s personal development.

My father has a democratic approach to me and my future. He says that my life is in my hands and that I have all chances to be happy and rich. When I was a teenager, he didn’t press me to choose or do things I didn’t like. He advised me to try myself in many spheres and directions. It would give me a big amount of opportunities to understand my career interests and skills. As a free person, I think that his decision was right. Sure, different decisions have advantages and disadvantages, but now I feel stronger, because I have a long-term experience of working with people. Frankly speaking, I don’t like to judge somebody’s decisions. I’m grateful to my parents for everything they’ve done for me.

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Don’t make your kids hate you

Children’s heart is a very vulnerable thing. These sensible creatures can feel the emotions and feelings of their parents. I’ve seen many families where parents don’t realize or accept this truth. They often project their negativity or bad moods on the children. Plus, they can treat their kids badly, as if they’re guilty of their parents’ misfortunes.

Don’t forget about the boomerang effect. I hope your kids will never take revenge on you for insults or things you may do wrong, but the feeling of resentment and pain will remain forever in their hearts. Those parents, who think that children will always absorb and stand family conflicts and humiliations, are seriously mistaken. One day, this pain can dim the flame of love and it will be difficult to restore feelings in your family relationship.

Make love the main value in your family

Children can’t live without love. Don’t let the moment of your kids’ personal development pass, because it’s easier to teach them when they’re small. Children should understand that love, care and understanding are the fundamental values of interpersonal relationships. Kids from happy and loving families try to treat the world and people around them with love and friendliness. Caring parents should open their hearts in order to fill their kids’ world with warmth and joy.

Your children are the only ones who know all your weaknesses and accomplishments. Only those who have hearts where love and gratitude reign will never judge or turn the back upon their parents. Love and family are the most sacred things in the world. As a parent, I know that my direct responsibility is to teach my kids to love themselves. I believe that only those who love and respect themselves can share this wonderful feeling with others.

Bringing up a child is a big responsibility. Small children are very obedient and look like angels. This is the best period to teach and foster values in your children. Don’t lose the moment; it’s almost impossible to re-educate adult children and one day your kids can blame you for your mistakes. There’s nothing worse than being judged and ignored by your children. I hope this article helped you understand that being a parent requires commitment, devotion, patience and wisdom. Do you think that children are our future judges? Have you ever been judged or blamed by your children?