I Love Kids But I Choose to Be Childfree

My boyfriend and I love children but we have decided that we are better off without them. And it was not just my decision. While I enjoy my nephews, the kids of my friends, and other kids around me, I do not feel like I am lacking something in life.

I know the comparison sounds weird, but living a child-free life is like choosing to be lesbian. You cannot explain the choice. You just know that you want to live this way. I cannot imagine myself as a mom, and I do not worry about missing the opportunity to experience those feelings pregnant women do.

Having a baby ‘just because’ is the worst thing a woman can do

Just because your parents want you to have a baby… Just because all of your friends have kids… Just because people keep gossiping about your infertility… Just because women must give birth to children… There are so many ‘just because’ but it does not mean you have to get pregnant and then regret your choice down the road.

I do not want to have a baby ‘just because’ and if someone does not accept that fact, it is not my problem. My partner and I are on the same page when it comes to choosing whether to have kids or live a child-free life.

Just like me, he cannot see himself as a father, though he could be a great dad. When we see other couples with children, we do not feel depressed, sad or jealous. We smile. We are happy for them. But we stick to our choice.

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I have a lot of things to do apart from raising children

Just because I do not have kids does not mean I do nothing. I have a jam-packed schedule each day and often I do not get those seven hours of sleep. The world does not revolve around kids only. Honestly, I cannot see myself sitting at home and spending all the days and nights raising a baby, doing laundry, cooking, and cleaning.

Personal growth is a lot more important to me now. I do realize that I can change my mind in ten years, so I want to be a great example for my future child or at least for my nephews.

Next, education and career are essential too. I do not want to be like many women who have no opportunity to work at least one day of their lives because they must raise children. Traveling is another thing to enjoy.

I laugh each time someone tells me that I am simply too lazy to have kids or that I am afraid of responsibilities. Trust me, guys, I have taken so many different types of responsibilities that you can only imagine. Luckily, I am strong enough to solve any hard situation alone. Thanks my significant other for his support, but independence is still my priority.

Yes, I am so selfish that I care about the future generation

First of all, I am not selfish. I do care for my parents, boyfriend, friends, and animals. And, I care about the future generation. Do you know how many abandoned children suffer from lack of love and care? In most cases, it is not because their parents are sick or dead. Because their parents did not want to have children.

Sure, if I got pregnant, I would not have an abortion or abandon a baby. But it would be a real challenge for me. I love kids, but having my own ones is not my thing. That is my choice that I have a full right to take. That is my life.

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When you choose to live a child-free life, do not expect others to approve your choice. People never stop talking. The funniest thing is that when you have a baby, you are a bad mom, and when you do not have a baby, you are a bad woman. Just stick to your decision and do not do the things ‘just because.’ You will never please everyone.

Children are awesome, but having them in order to please your parents or partner is the worst choice to take. I think this way and I am sure I am not alone. I know many of you will disagree with my choice, but I am sure there are also those who will support me.