7 Crucial Reasons to Raise Your Children Around Animals

If you have a love for animals, chances are that you want your children to have that love too. Animals are great friends to people of all ages and a great learning experience too. Starting that kind of bond with animals while your children are young is really important for many reasons and here are just some of them.

1 Increase empathy and compassion

Children that are raised around animals are more likely to develop these positive traits because they are learning to care about something that needs our positive attention and responsibility to keep alive and well-cared for.

Additionally, animals are empathetic and compassionate themselves and through their own love and caring, they teach their own lessons to our children. This way, you will reduce an animal cruelty that is spreading like a plague these days because of irresponsible parents who don’t teach them to respect animals.

2 Provide opportunity for responsibility

As children grow up with an animal, they learn to be more responsible because of the duties they must take on in order to care for that animal. They can help by scooping a litter box, sprinkling food in for the fish, or walking the family dog.

3 Pets increase reading success

It sounds strange, but Today recently published an article about how children that read to the family pet show improvement in reading skills. They surmise that this might be because animals are such patient and kind creatures that help lower stress.

4 Give unbeatable comfort during hard times

Life is not always easy. Sometimes, bad things happen and when there is a family pet, that pet is always there for the family to offer cuddles and just be there when your child feels alone.

Sometimes it is that silent hug and constant companionship that make children feel alright again with the stresses that come into their lives.

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5 Pets strengthen the family bond

Having a creature that the whole family loves and cares for brings everyone together. Children observe your dutiful, nurturing and responsible behaviors in regards to the pets you keep and they copy what they see. If everyone treasures the family pet, the whole family will be a treasure itself.

6 More active lifestyle

Particularly when the family pet is a dog, it encourages the family to get out more in the outdoors. Dogs need to be walked or run around in the yard. Keeping a good habit of going outside for exercise is so important to teach children.

Especially in today’s digital age where most children flop down on the couch to watch TV or play with their smartphones until bedtim. Encouraging them to explore the outdoors with their furry friend will help them develop this positive habit for life.

7 Animals change lives

Animals might not live as long as we do, but when they come into our lives it is a positive influence. This experience is essential for young children as they will grow up with a lifelong love and respect of animals and be better humans for it.

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Do you have animals in your home? Make sure to teach your children well about respecting animals. If you do not have them in your home because of allergies or finances, try to expose your children to animals at the homes of family and friends to reap some of these benefits. Let’s reduce an animal cruelty together!