9 Reasons to Raise a Feminist Child

Jul 9, 2016

In a world where being a feminist is still too often seen as having a negative attitude towards men more than as a movement that empowers both women and men, it is crucial that moms and dads understand the value of bringing up their children as feminists. Here are nine reasons why:

1 Same rights for everyone

Your child will grow up knowing that everyone has the same value and the same rights, it will help them understand that everyone needs to be respected. Unfortunately, this is not so obvious to everyone.

2 Supporting men

Smashing patriarchy is about supporting women just as much as it is about supporting men. The society we live in has not only created a stereotype of women, but of men as well, who are bound not to have feelings, not to show them and to be as masculine as they can be. Total nonsense, of course.

3 A critical opinion

Bringing up a feminist child means bringing up a critical thinker, a young person and then an adult who will be able to recognize disparities and question them in order to bring them to an end. Let’s just mention today’s society’s reactions to rape: your child will never say ‘she was wearing a skirt, she kind of asked for it.’

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4 They will start the change

Your child will be part of the solution to a hetero-patriarchal society, not part of the problem. They will not be concerned more about why a woman stays in an abusive relationship than about why men abuse women.

5 Enhance confidence

Raising your child as a feminist will make them feel more confident about themself. There should not be rules such as ‘girls must wear pink’ and ‘boys must play with cars and superheroes.’ Being different in today’s society can be tough for a child: making them feel accepted for how they are will boost their confidence and make them stronger.

6 You will promote gender equality

Your girl will never doubt she is not good enough for a job position just because she is a woman. Your boy will never make a woman feel not good enough for a job position just because she is a woman.

7 An independent woman

Your girl will never need a ‘prince.’ She will be independent enough to have her own job and her own house. After all, a queen without a king is often more powerful. Just as Elizabeth I.

8 A caring and sensitive man

Your boy will never want a wife just for her abilities to cook and clean and make the house shine. He will know there is much more than that to look for in a partner.

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9 Fighting labels and limits imposed by society

You will give your daughter the freedom to be whatever she wants to be and you will teach her how to free herself from labels society wants to put on her. A housewife, a lawyer, a mechanic, a doctor or a teacher: she will not be ashamed of her capabilities and never be sorry for being good at something.

But more importantly, they will actually know what being a feminist means: not hating men, not thinking that all men are rapists or violent, not asking for women to have more power than men. Being a feminist means that they will stand up for their rights and the rights of the ones they love.

A world where people respect each other, a world where ‘no’ really means ‘no’ and a rape victim is not to blame for being outside at night, a world where everyone has the same rights and duties, a world like this seems much less of a utopia if we start raising children with these beliefs. In the end, you just need one reason to raise your child as a feminist: you will raise a better person.