7 Perks of Having a Baby in Your 20s

May 8, 2023

In the fight for happiness, success, money, respect and luxury life, motherhood is not a priority these days. It is great to get a diploma, achieve high career goals and become independent, yet many rich people do not feel happy in their 40s. Why? Because they did not think of having kids in their 20s. The perks of having a baby while you are in your 20s are enormous, and here are some of the best ones:

1 Your body bounces back to its pre-pregnancy shape faster

Bouncing back after baby is usually not a problem when you give birth to your child in your 20s. Even though you may still have stretch marks, you are less likely to suffer from weight issues. Your body is young, so it has strong muscles and bones. This helps labor and birth naturally and promotes a quick bounce back after baby.

2 You have higher energy levels

No matter how healthy you are in your 30s or 40s, you do not have the same energy level as you had in your 20s. This is a sentence every young, modern woman should bear in mind. When you are young, you have enough power to take care of a baby. A baby requires care 24/7, which means sleepless nights and days are unavoidable. Coffee and energy drinks will not help you, trust me.

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3 Have a family

All those parties, dates, hook-ups, and break-ups are fun and interesting, but when you have a family, you tend to live a more peaceful life. Every time you try to solve a problem or survive the hard times, you know that you do it for the sake of your husband and child.

As soon as you become a mom, you will realize that spending your time with a baby is much more interesting and precious than drinking and dancing all night long with so-called friends that you forget the next day.

4 You will be an empty nester in your 40s

When you have a baby in your 20s, you can become an empty nester in your 40s unless you give birth to a second child in your 30s. It is not selfish to think about yourself and your dreams when you are 40. You and your partner will have a lot of new opportunities and plenty of time to reach your mutual goals. Not to mention, you will have a second honeymoon.

5 You will find a life purpose

Many young people live their lives without purpose. They are unhappy and stuck in routines. They go to college because their parents want it. They do the job they hate because they need to pay the bills. They party hard because it is believed that young people should drink and party nonstop.

When you have a baby in your 20s, though, you already have a purpose. You work hard since you want your child to have everything you did not have when you were a child. You do not suffer from loneliness and depression. All that matters is your child’s smile; nothing else.

6 You have more time

Let’s face it: college students spend no more than 4 to 5 hours at the college while office workers spend up to nine hours in the workplace. Obviously, you have more free time and no business trips in your early 20s, so why not start a family? You will have lots of time to focus on your career goals in your late 20s.

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7 You will experience genuine love

When you have children, no one else loves you more than they do. Instead of suffering of unrequited love, enjoy genuine love. Even a single mom is happier than a girl who is in a seemingly happy relationship. Child’s love is pure. Your baby will love and accept you the way you are – with all your excess pounds, flaws, and worst traits.

One of the most popular excuses that women use to avoid having children in their 20s is because it is expensive. It is just an excuse. Of course, there are many factors to consider when planning to get pregnant at a young age. But if you and your partner love each other, it is time to have a little bundle of joy, isn’t it?