8 Ways to Find Out If You Are Dating a Narcissist

Oct 10, 2016

With all those Myers-Briggs personality types, it is hard to spot a true narcissist. Being in love with a narcissist is one of the worst things that can happen to us, after womanizers, of course. The researchers call narcissism a mental disorder, while others believe narcissists are just unique human beings that live in their own way.

Anyway, if you are not ready to spend your whole life with a man who notices no one except himself or you want to make your breakup less painful – a narcissist man will not warn you when he wants to end a relationship, after all – here are some of the most obvious signs you are dating a narcissist:

1 He does not try to know you

Sure, he doesn’t, because all he does is think about himself. He is so obsessed with himself that he does not care about your feelings, opinions, fears, problems, etc. Every time you try to openly talk about your feelings, he can easily stop you and start talking about his own ones.

2 He talks a lot about himself

When I wrote “a lot” I really meant it. A narcissist guy is so in love with himself that he wants everyone, including you, to know about him. If he talks about himself in an exaggerated way and does not let you utter a word, chances are you are really dating a narcissist.

3 He disappears after a fight

Every couple has misunderstandings every now and then, so it is absolutely normal. However, if your boyfriend disappears after a fight and you are always the one who takes the first move to fix your relationship, it is one of the signs you are dating a narcissist man.

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4 He never admits his mistakes

Since narcissists have trouble taking criticism, he never (literally) admits he is wrong. He never apologizes and always blames you for everything going wrong in the relationship. He is very sensitive and can start hating you for no reason at all.

Want an example? 5 years ago I broke up with my ex-narcissist guy because I told him he was wrong when he offended an old woman in a grocery store. He told me that I must have supported him no matter whether he was right or wrong. Sorry ex, but I would rather defend an old woman who asked to help her read the label than a guy who said, “Learn how to read before going shopping.” She simply forgot her glasses.

5 He strives to be a hero

As funny as it sounds, but it is true. If your boyfriend keeps boasting about his connections, achievements and goals and he hates when you talk about your own ones, be aware, you are most probably dating a narcissist.

6 He pretends to be someone he is not

Do you feel like he is pretending to be someone he is not just to win your over? Narcissist men tend to be nice, romantic and fun at the beginning of a relationship, but they quickly change once they feel a woman is in love with them.

7 You can’t rely on him

No matter the situation, you can’t rely on your partner. He often makes excuses or tells you honestly that he has no time to solve your problems or listen to your whining. He is never there when you need him.

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8 He uses others to achieve his goals

If your boyfriend disregards other people’s opinions, feelings, time and possessions, manipulates others and is ready to use anyone to reach his goals, chances are he is using you as well. Watch out, girls, narcissist guys can be very cruel at times.

While these are not all of the signs of a narcissist guy, these eight can help you spot a wrong person in your life and say goodbye to him right away. Narcissists are great people, but unfortunately, they love themselves more than everything and everyone around them. Have you ever dated a narcissist? Or, are you dating the one now?