10 Great Ways to Make New Year’s Eve All About You

Are you fed up with the expense of celebrating in overcrowded bars on the busiest night of the year? How about the huge groups of people where you can’t get a word in sideways? If you are anything like me, then you would prefer to be less crowded, wearing comfortable clothes, not queuing for the ladies, and definitely not spending a small fortune.

But whatever you would prefer to be doing, have you ever asked yourself what has stopped you from doing just that so far? How about starting the New Year on your own terms by doing whatever you feel like, rather than following the crowd? Here are ten ideas for how to ‘do you’ this New Year’s Eve.

1 Host your own party but stay in control

Some of the best parties I have been to have been small, intimate gatherings. Somewhere between 4 and 10 people just having dinner, drinks, and playing a few games.

2 Movie night

Another stay at home with friends option is a simple movie night. Popcorn, hot chocolate and a few good people to have a laugh with. No stress, no queues for the bar, and very low budget. This is also a great option if you have kids asleep upstairs.

3 Ultimate ‘me time’

There is absolutely nothing wrong with spending the evening alone if you like your own company. I have done it more than once. So why not make it special for yourself? A great book, your favorite movie, a bubble bath. Give yourself a mani-pedi and watch the fireworks on TV. Breath, relax and enjoy.

4 Date night

If you are in a relationship, then how about making the night just about the two of you? Whether you manage to book a meal out together, or stay in with a take-away, grab some quality time and start the New Year as you plan to go on.

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5 Mate night

If you are single then how about a night in or out with your bestie? Quality one-on-one time with someone who really gets you can be so rejuvenating. It does not sound like “all about you,” but if you are an extrovert who can’t stand loneliness on NYE, why not?

6 Avoid social media

An absolutely tragic way to make an evening all about everyone else is to spend it scrolling through social media, being involved in what everyone else is up to. And knowing how social media tends to make us feel, probably thinking everyone else is having a better time than you. Do yourself a big favor and put your devices down. Turn your attention inwards ad focus on yourself for the evening.

7 Make a vision board

If you are a goal-setter like me, then the anticipation of a shiny New Year lends itself well to personal-development themed arts and crafts. Make yourself an awesome vision board for the full year ahead.

8 Journaling

Here’s one for the introverts. If you are in a reflective mood, then you could try an evening of journaling your year. Not to dwell on the past mistakes, but to acknowledge successes, lessons learned and to think about what you want for 2017.

9 Map out your travels

Are you a travel junkie? Then how about spending New Year’s Eve at home with some good food, a nice drink or two, and a poster-sized map of the world? Pin your travel to-dos up on the wall and bask in their glory.

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10 Have your favorite kind of fun

Just because it is a milestone date in the calendar does not mean you have to follow tradition. You can have your own particular brand of fun, and it does not need to involve resolutions, fireworks, drinking or counting down the clock.

What would you most like to be doing? And what better way to kick the year off than by making yourself happy?