10 Reasons to Celebrate New Year at Home

When you think of New Year celebrations, chances are parties, bars and nightclubs spring to your mind since that’s how people often observe the holiday. Others, however, opt to stay home and have their own New Year celebration. If you’re the type who wants to avoid the crowds and celebrate New Year your way, stay home and spare yourself the hassle that accompanies a New Year in public.

1 Save money

If you’ve ever spent New Year’s Eve on the town, you’ve probably spent considerable bucks for the pleasure. A New Year out is expensive and for a lot of people, it’s hard to come up with the cash after they’ve broken the bank paying for holiday gifts and meals. Stay home and celebrate New Year on a budget.

2 Avoid bad weather

While the weather outside may be frightful, the temperature inside is simply delightful. If bundling up to stay warm isn’t your first choice, you can avoid doing so by celebrating New Year at home. You can tear your attention away from the weather forecast and put it on a more pleasurable subject for the evening.

3 Stay off the roads

As January takes hold, the roads become more and more treacherous. Ice, snow and rain make streets slick and contribute to traffic accidents that cost lives and money. If you’d rather not risk your car and your safety, stay home for the New Year and leave the roads open for those who choose to navigate them.

4 Avoid drunks

When the New Year rolls around, alcohol often flows freely. Even folks who rarely drink may choose to imbibe and those who do often drink regularly may overindulge. Unless you happen to enjoy the company of drunks, do yourself a favor and stay at home to avoid the rowdy drinking culture.

5 Keep it intimate

You’ll be hard pressed to find anywhere away from home that isn’t crowded on New Year’s Eve. If you’d much rather spend quiet time with your significant other or close friends and family, stay at home home. Prepare a delicious dinner, enjoy quiet conversation and luxuriate in the company of your loved ones.

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6 Enjoy the quiet

Let’s face it, the New Year is one of loudest holidays on record. Between the din of party people and the countdown to midnight, your hearing can take a real beating. Not to mention, it’s incredibly frustrating when you have to yell to make yourself heard amidst the crowd.

7 Do it your way

When you go out during the New Year, you have to follow the plans your host or hostess have made. When you stay at home home, however, you can do it up your way. Serve your favorite foods, make drinks to your taste and plan the entertainment that you and yours enjoy the most.

8 Choose your crowd

When you have to mix with strangers on New Year’s Eve, you never know who you might come into contact with. They might be your new best friends or they may be someone with whom you have nothing in common. When you stay at home home, you control the guest list and ensure that the people you spend the evening with are people you like.

9 Eat delicious food

Even if you go to a fine dining restaurant to celebrate the New Year, there’s always a chance the experience may not be up to your standards. Cold entrees, poor service or a long wait at a restaurant may ruin your evening. At home, you are in charge of food and can prepare it exactly to your taste.

10 Eschew alcohol

Although drinking alcohol is a part of most New Year celebrations, it doesn’t have to be a part of yours if you don’t want it to be. Many people choose to skip the drinks because of dietary restrictions, interactions with medications or due to their participation in recovery programs. At your house, you decide whether there’s drinking or not.

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If you’re apprehensive about spending a night on the town on New Year’s Eve, make the bold choice to simply stay at home. Make plans that are meaningful to you and welcome the new year in the way you prefer. Who knows, maybe this New Year’s celebration will be the best and you will celebrate next year at home, too. Do you think it’s great to celebrate New Year at home?