7 People Not to Celebrate the New Year With

Dec 15, 2016

The New Year is just around the corner but before we kick off a new beginning, it is time to say goodbye to this one and think about what we will do differently next go-around. One thing that I think everyone can do to get off to the right start is to take a good look at the people you are surrounding yourself with. An old proverb says, “Show me your friends and I will show you your future.” I think it is a true adage and so I have seven people not to spend the New Year with to ensure that 2017 is your best year yet.

1 Those stuck in the past

When you are trying to improve yourself, the last thing you need is someone reminding you of the past and dragging around baggage. It is not that I dwell on mistakes or even regret things in the past, I just think it is best to learn from it and move on so you do not get stuck.

2 Those always wishing for tomorrow

Just as bad as those stuck in the past are those always wishing for tomorrow. It is hard to fully experience today and appreciate it for the gift that it is when you are always pining for the next big thing.

3 Those with a glass half-empty

It is hard to be hopeful for the New Year if you are spending time with a pessimistic person. If you have a friend that is always a Debbie-Downer, you may be much happier if you limit your time with them.

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4 The constant center of attention

You know that friend that thinks the world revolves around them? Well, it does not and you should not feel like you have to either. Ditch the self-centered “friend” and give yourself some attention for a change.

5 The reoccurring ex

Do you have an ex that keeps coming in and out of your life? We know that it is hard to close the chapter on a relationship sometimes, but chances are it ended for a reason and you do not need that baggage in the new year.

6 The drama queen

We all have those friends full of drama where every day is a new crisis and it takes everyone to pull her out of the latest disaster, it drags everyone down. Instead of continuing to take part in the drama, why not ditch it and start 2017 with some peace of mind?

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7 The self-doubter

This one is personal. If you are constantly doubting yourself and holding yourself back from something, leave that part of you behind for good. The world is a scary place at times so you absolutely have to believe in yourself and the abilities and skills that you possess (and we all have them!) Decide that you are going to be your biggest fan in 2017 and leave the doubting side of you in 2016.

The New Year brings so much hope and excitement because it is a blank state. So, what are you going to make of yours? I suggest leaving these seven people in 2016 to give you the best chance for a monumental year. Happy New Year!