10 Apps to Help You Keep Your 2020 Resolutions

Another year, another resolution to keep. Are you dreading making yet another promise to yourself that could fall by the wayside? Well, not this year. This year, you are going to be prepared by arming yourself with an arsenal of apps that not only make keeping track of your resolution easier but help you get and stay motivated. These ten apps target the most popular resolutions out there, along with some you might not have thought of yet.

1 Improve your life: Gyroscope

This app promises to help you see the complete story of your life in the palm of your hand. Now, what does that have to do with actually improving yourself? Gyroscope syncs with your social media sites like your Instagram and Twitter, as well as your wearable fitness trackers, like the Fitbit or Jawbone, and receives an overwhelming amount of data.

This information is compiled throughout the day. Every morning, you wake up to a report of what you did the day before. The details get into everything from heart rate, hours slept, where you had gone, how many calories you consumed and burned, and even how productive you were. Suddenly you can see how much of your life you are living. You can visually see how active or inactive you have been.

That way, you can decide how to go about changing yourself, how to do things differently today. What’s really cool about Gyroscope is that you can share your cards with everyone on social media to get them on the bandwagon too. Gyroscope is available for free in the iTunes App Store.