10 Apps to Help You Keep Your 2020 Resolutions

Another year, another resolution to keep. Are you dreading making yet another promise to yourself that could fall by the wayside? Well, not this year. This year, you are going to be prepared by arming yourself with an arsenal of apps that not only make keeping track of your resolution easier but help you get and stay motivated. These ten apps target the most popular resolutions out there, along with some you might not have thought of yet.

1 Improve your life: Gyroscope

This app promises to help you see the complete story of your life in the palm of your hand. Now, what does that have to do with actually improving yourself? Gyroscope syncs with your social media sites like your Instagram and Twitter, as well as your wearable fitness trackers, like the Fitbit or Jawbone, and receives an overwhelming amount of data.

This information is compiled throughout the day. Every morning, you wake up to a report of what you did the day before. The details get into everything from heart rate, hours slept, where you had gone, how many calories you consumed and burned, and even how productive you were. Suddenly you can see how much of your life you are living. You can visually see how active or inactive you have been.

That way, you can decide how to go about changing yourself, how to do things differently today. What’s really cool about Gyroscope is that you can share your cards with everyone on social media to get them on the bandwagon too. Gyroscope is available for free in the iTunes App Store.

2 Be more productive: CARROT To-Do

People rave about CARROT, whose own creators call a hilariously sadistic A.I. construct who strives to force humans to be more productive.” Though CARROT has been around since 2013, there is no better time to make use of her viciousness than in 2020. If you are the kind of person that responds better to a harsh reality rather than sugar-coated pleasantries, you will be quite happy with this app.

Plus, CARROT makes accomplishing tasks fun. When you complete something on your to-do list, you get rewarded with not only a snarky comment, but you can actually level up, unlock new goals, and even additions to the app.

This keeps you wanting to get more done just to see what you will receive next. The app is easy to understand and has a clean interface, so everyone can get started using CARROT to get a drill sergeant to-do list robot on their case ASAP.

3 Doing more meditation: Headspace

What is better than getting a guided meditation practice during these hectic times? A free meditation practice that can be done anywhere. That’s the beauty of the Headspace app. Headspace was created by Any Puddicombe, a Buddhist monk with a British accent.

It really makes the whole idea of meditation much less formal and intimidating. Every 10 minute session you watch can cover a variety of issues, like channeling optimism or visualizing success.

There are a lot of reasons to meditate more. Meditation teaches us the value of self-reflection, how to bolster your own internal strengths and meet each day with a sense of self-efficacy. The app is free to use, but there is a subscription-based service that gives you access to more functions.

4 Eating healthier: Shopwell

One of the most popular resolutions has to be “eating healthier.” Yet, there is no denying that choosing the right groceries at the local supermarket is difficult. Plus, how do you know what is right for you?

Shopwell is an awesome, free app that has a couple unique functions to make creating healthy groceries and not splurging on junk easier. The first way Shopwell helps you learn the nutritional profile of every item you pick up.

Secondly, Shopwell uses a scoring system to tell you how well you are eating based on your personal goals. So you learn how to adjust your choices over time. Additionally, you get advice directly from registered dietitians, which is really a sweet deal.

5 Getting in shape: PEAR

So, as a personal trainer, I will say that if your goal is to get in shape – as in getting some tone or improving your physical fitness – then you need to speak with a professional to better assess your goals.

However, if you do not have access to someone who can give you fitness-related advice, you need a substitute. PEAR Personal Coach can basically replace a trainer in terms of the workouts it creates for you. Plus, it keeps better track of your growth, because PEAR can sync to your devices.

The best part is that real fitness professionals are putting together your workouts in a vast array of exercises and activities, from yoga to running, or weightlifting to athletic strength and conditioning.

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6 Lose weight: Charity Miles

No, losing weight and getting in shape are not the same thing, technically speaking. Losing weight means decreasing the number on the scale, and nothing does that better than simply getting moving with walking, jogging, and running. However, if you need a bit more of a stimulus, how about running for the good of humankind?

Charity Miles is an app that lets you “move with purpose.” Already, Charity Miles has earned over $1.7 million for charities all over the world thanks to people getting up off the coach and logging in some miles. And that’s not just miles walking or running. Anytime you burn calories, you earn money for your selected charity. “One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind,” eh?

7 Get financially savvy: Level Money

Money is a tough business, especially when you are like most people living paycheck to paycheck. If your goal is to get your finances in order, then Level Money needs to be installed. Now. Level Money is a unique app that gives you the tools required to learn how to spend more smartly and stick to your budget.

The app does this by connecting to your bank accounts and expenses. It then calculates how much money you have available to freely spend each month on things you enjoy, like going on vacation or having a pedicure. Level Money also lets you create trackers for certain revenue and costs, like how much you get from ridesharing with Uber then spend to refill your gas tank.

8 More reading: Bookling

Stop saying you are too busy to read, put down the phone, and pick up a print book. Easier said than done, yeah? Well, not anymore. There is not much to say about Bookling other than it being made of awesome.

Here is why: Bookling not only helps you keep track of the books you are in the process of reading but also as functions for setting goals (to unlock neat badges) and setting alarms to remind you to read. It is a great way to break the smartphone addiction too.

9 Learn another language: Duolingo

I was pretty skeptic about Duolingo at first, I must confess. To me, nothing could replace immersing yourself in the language you desire to learn. But not everyone has that chance. However, Duolingo gets you pretty close to the immersive experience by providing fun and interactive lessons right on your phone, tablet, or computer.

Basically, the app teaches you how to think in the language rather than just recall vocabulary words. The lessons are not long either, so if you have 5-20 minutes, you can practice. In essence, Duolingo is a much more affordable (because it is free) version of Rosetta Stone. And if you keep up with your lessons, you can attain confidence to communicate and write in 20 different languages.

10 Quit smoking: Quit Pro

Probably the biggest goal any smoker could have is to finally ditch the poisonous habit and improve their lifespan and health. Breaking an addiction will never be peaches and cream; and even if you enlist friends and family to watch your back, they can’t keep track of you 24/7. But your phone can.

Quit Pro is an app that makes the process of quitting less intense. Some functions include tracking how many cigarettes you smoke or resist; identifying when and where you decide to smoke the most to help you figure out what drives the urge and avoid it; and displaying motivational quotes to keep you strong and ambitious. The one feature that is really eye opening is the “life gained” section.

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Every year people make resolutions that fail within the first two weeks of January. Don’t be one of them. Whatever your goal may be, there is an app that can help you aspire to be the best version of yourself and keep it up throughout the year. Use your phone to your advantage, and make 2020 an amazing year from Day 1.