8 Little New Year’s Resolutions That Will Change Your Life

With 2016 upon you, it’s time to set your New Year’s resolutions. When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, people have a tendency to choose big goals. The all-or-nothing goals might be great, but they usually bring more stress than success into people’s lives. This year, I suggest you set little goals that don’t involve buying a bigger house or a new car, or changing a career path. These little New Year’s resolutions will completely change your state of mind and help you find peace in the harsh world.

1 Work less and relax more

Whether you are a workaholic or you simply have a hard job that takes most of your time, a work-less-and-live-more goal should be your choice. Striving to reach more success and earn more money may leave you regreting your choices down the road. Don’t skip your day offs and vacations. Take a full advantage of them. Travel, educate yourself, exercise, meditate, whatever. You don’t need to have a lot in order to be happy.

2 Please less and love yourself more

Be it a parent, a friend or a boss, you will never please them. Please yourself first. Value yourself and don’t let others ruin your dreams. If you are anything like me, you probably know how it’s disappointing to hear the negative words instead of ‘thank you’ when you did something great. In 2016 learn how to love yourself first. It’s truly important.

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3 Love more and hate less

Hatred is a powerful feeling. It’s even more powerful than love. Although it’s almost impossible to get rid of hatred, make sure you have more space for love in the new year. You may be single or absolutely alone, but don’t lose hope. There’s certainly someone who loves you and cares about you without letting you know about it.

4 Understand more and judge less

It’s so easy to say, “Look, he’s drunk!” while in reality a man feels sick. It’s easy to say, “She dresses really badly” while she’s actually trying to save her mom’s life and spend all her money on medicines. Before judging someone, especially if you don’t know them, try to understand and help or just leave them alone. Every person has the right to do whatever they want.

5 Stress less and enjoy more

Stress prevents us from enjoying our lives. It prevents us from achieving our goals and following our dreams. Sensitive people have trouble coping with stress and guilt so setting this little yet crucial goal is a must. Enjoy those little things life offers you rather than stress over them. People tend to complicate their lives. On this matter, I like this wise words by Carlos Ruiz Zafón: “People tend to complicate their own lives, as if living weren’t already complicated enough.” Don’t follow the crowd. Follow your passion.

6 Give more and take less

Unless you are in need, try to donate your time to help others. Volunteering isn’t about money only. It’s about helping those in need – be it a homeless person or a stray animal. When you give more, you recieve more. You get new friends and new hobbies. Most importantly, you feel a sense of accomplishment. You start believing that this world needs you.

7 Listen more and speak less

You can say hundreds of persuasive words but no one will eventually understand you. What’s the reason? The answer is obvious – people hear what they want to hear. So, don’t waste your time on explanations, excuses and long sentences. Listen more, instead. Having basic listening skills isn’t less important than having excellent speaking skills. But it depends on what type of person you are.

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8 Complain less and appreciate more

This one is a golden rule most of us ignore. There’s nothing worse than moaning about a lack of money or an old house. Someone doesn’t have a house or money at all, yet they smile and seem to be happy. Master an art of gratitude in the new year. I’m sure you have a long list of things and events you are thankful for. Complaining habit is dangerous. Realize it and quit this habit starting today.

New Year’s resolutions don’t have to be complicated. Life is simpler than you think. Let go of grudges and other negative feelings, and allow positivity to own your mind, heart and soul. This is your choice. I wish you have the happiest year ever and set truly smart goals.