12 Workouts to Try in the New Year Based on Your Zodiac Sign

A lot of people are experiencing a bowled over effect, akin to stepping on a treadmill that is too fast and getting flung off seconds later. Every star sign is feeling the effect of 2017 in some way, and you might be going into 2018 with reluctance (or maybe you are ready to scream YAASSS from the rooftops).

Though 2017 taught us there is a lot in life that can’t be controlled, one thing remains in your grasp – your mental and physical health. So, for 2018, make it your motivation to get even healthier. Here are some workouts to try in the New Year based on your Zodiac sign. Because if it is written in the stars, you know you will stay motivated.

1 Aquarius

Get outside. Take a hike. When Aquarius is out in nature, you get a natural, euphoric response that is not just because of the endorphins. You need natural green, Aquarius. And if you want to take it a step further, going hiking for a cause. Since Aquarius is also known for being very humanitarian, racking up miles for charity is a trek worth walking.

2 Pisces

Namaste in peace. Since Pisces strives for internal equanimity within their highly imaginative and creative minds, checking out various types of yoga is going to keep you going with the flow (puns). Go to Hatha and Restorative yoga when you need to calm down, and get your blood pumping with Power and Vinyasa sequences. You’ll be swimming in bliss.

3 Aries

Time to hit something. Productively. 2017 probably left you feeling rammy and wanting to wallop every fool who crosses paths with you. It is okay. There is a class for that. Aries will benefit from releasing their pent up stress with boxing and kickboxing classes. Do not just go to a group exercise class like Turbo Kick either. I am talking the real deal, with speed bags, sparring, and Rocky music playing in the background.

4 Taurus

In Mr. Bean’s voice: It is a race! For Taurus, stability mixes with creativity on a daily basis. You know what fuels creativity? Running. Even if the sound of lacing up your sneakers to get off the couch sounds horrible, trust me, Taurus. Once you get running, you will see how therapeutic it can be. Plus, it is a cheaper form of therapy too.

5 Gemini

Since Gemini is one of the most capricious of all the signs, group exercise classes are perfect. You can try out a number of classes either at the gym or via subscription, like ClassPass or Youtube streaming, to do whatever you fancy that day. You can try a new fitness class every single day if you are really that into working up a sweat in 2018.

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6 Cancer

Live-stream, home workouts are calling your name, Cancer. Since Cancer is the homebody of the Zodiac, it is no wonder that you will feel most comfortable having one-on-one time in the privacy of your own room – and there is nothing wrong with that. Pick up some workout DVDs, check out YouTube, and get to work.

7 Leo

Nothing puts everyone in the spotlight like the party atmosphere of a Zumba class. Get to the front of the crowd and bust a move, Leo. This is your time to shine – with sweat. The more energetic the Zumba class, the more you are going to love it. And if you do not have time for classes, Zumba streams workouts from their website too. The party never has to stop.

8 Virgo

New year, new you does not necessarily apply to Virgo. Out of all the signs, Virgo is the one who is probably already a gym rat. Which means Virgos simply need to step up their game with some High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT. This kind of workout is succinct, smart, and effective, just like Virgo.

9 Libra

Get balanced, baby, with some Acro or Partner Yoga. And if you do not have a buddy who can support you, why not seek out some Aerial Yoga, instead? Libra can enjoy the unique combination of stability and tranquility that is required to master the most challenging of lifts, partnered or not.

10 Scorpio

Let out that bottled up intensity with some hardcore cycling. Whether indoors or outdoors, putting the pedal to the metal is one way for Scorpio to release their passions. Letting the world blow by, as well as your troubles, is going to leave you feeling sweaty but invigorated; and is not that exactly what every Scorpio secretly desires?

11 Sagittarius

Two words: Charity Miles. Sagittarius is inherently adventurous and giving. Going around the nation, participating in marathons and other workouts for charity is one way to get your sweat on and help the world at the same time. There are a plethora of smartphone apps that you can engage with to see where the next philanthropic adventure will unravel.

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12. Capricorn

Just get your disciplined butt to the gym, Cap. Hire yourself a personal trainer and get swole AF in 2018. A personal trainer is going to be able to make a program for your fitness that every organized Capricorn will secretly love. Plus, you can always choose financially smart options for that thrifty side of your personality, too.

Does the workout fit the sign? Even if the activity assigned to your Zodiac sign seems a little off, hopefully, you have been inspired to try something new in 2018 that can relieve stress and get your fitter and happier in no time!