10 Exercises You Can Do Almost Anywhere

Who says you need a gym to get fit? Exercises that can be done anywhere mean taking your workout wherever you go. Location need not apply. Whether you have a little room or a lot, these ten exercises can be done almost everywhere.

1 Squats

The quintessential exercise for getting fit anywhere, anytime. Squats have a number of variations that can be done with or without any extra weight. Since the move requires flexibility, core strength, posterior chain mobility, and leg strength, firming your backside could not be easier.

All you need to do is find a place with enough space to stand with your feet at least shoulder width apart and to send your tailbone back as you bend your knees. Do squats in bathroom stalls, stairwells, hotel rooms, at the office, in the storage closet, outside, at the park, or when lifting a bulk item from the shelves at the wholesale market.