5 Reasons to Do Plank Exercise and What Mistakes to Avoid

Mar 20, 2016

Plank exercise doesn’t seem like an effective workout that can bring positive results if any at all. Many think that this type of exercise is for lazy people who hate running, jogging, jumping, and everything that makes us sweat plentifully. Plank exercise, though, isn’t as ineffective as it seems. Oftentimes the simplest thing brings awesome results.

If you have never tried the plank exercise before, you may fall into the ​trap of ​thinking that “Hey, I could do it in a matter of a few seconds!” However, holding the plank position takes endurance and strength in your core, back, and stomach. Once you try it, you will understand that you need to master the art of doing correct plank exercise.

When done properly, the plank exercise is good for your body. It helps to strengthen your core, improve and maintain proper posture, keep balance, work your hamstrings and glutes, and fight stress. The plank isn’t just a core-strengthening and stress-fighting exercise, though. It can be a full body exercise that can bring you the following results:

1 Fantastic flexibility

The word ‘fantastic’ is used for good reason here, because I can’t just say ‘flexibility.’ At 25, I had a terrible flexibility. I spent 14 hours in front of my computer accomplishing dozens of projects that did a lot of harm to my health. I thought I had no time for the simplest exercise. It was a lame excuse. The moment I noticed how bad my flexibility was (honestly, I hadn’t it at all), I begun looking for effective yet simple ways to fix the problem. My best solution was the plank exercise that I do each day in the morning.

The plank helps to boost flexibility in the muscle groups, including shoulders, collarbone, hamstrings, thighs and hips. Different plank positions work out different muscle groups. I enjoy doing rocking plank, side planks, plank with shoulder touches and reverse plank.

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2 Clear mind and peaceful soul

Whether you are a highly sensitive person who can’t cope with overthinking or a workaholic who can’t stop working, plank exercise may be your best cure. Any exercise is a natural mood booster. Sedentary lifestyle brings stress, problems, and health issues into our lives. Plank exercise stretches and relaxes muscles groups that usually become stiff, relieving tension and clearing your mind. When done regularly, the planks help to reduce the stress levels, overcome the habit of overthinking every problem, and bring more peace into your daily life.

3 Perfect abs

Want to get a beautifully toned tummy with little effort? Incorporate the plank exercise into your fitness routine. But it doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. Healthy diet is still necessary. Don’t run to extremes and don’t expect fast results. Doing more plank exercises won’t help you get a toned abs overnight.

4 Relieve back pain

If you often suffer from back pain, doing regular plank exercise can relieve your pain. I’m not talking about serious back pain that requires a serious treatment. I’m talking about back pain that you experience when you get home after a long day at work. Instead of watching TV or spending your evening with your laptop, do a few simple plank exercises. You will feel an instant relief and will sleep better as well. Remember, if you have an intensive back pain, see your doctor immediately. Plank exercise isn’t for you.

5 Beautiful posture

Who doesn’t want to have a wonderful posture? Both men and women should have a good posture. It’s a sign of great health and confidence. Plank exercises work all the muscles that help you keep a beautiful posture, such as your chest, back, shoulders, neck, and stomach. Isn’t it a crucial reason to add plank exercise to your daily routine?

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5 Biggest Plank Mistakes to Avoid

  1. Don’t round your shoulders.
  2. Don’t stagger your hands and don’t position them too far apart or too close.
  3. Don’t drop your head, neck, shoulders and hips.
  4. Don’t hold the position and breath too long.
  5. Don’t bend your knees – this lowers the overall effectiveness of exercise.

With a great variety of the planks, you can work almost any area of your body and achieve shocking results. One of the best things about the planks is that you can tone up your body without exhausting yourself. Plus, you can do it regardless of weather and your financial status. Learn how to do the plank exercise correctly and add a few exercise to your fitness routine. Does your schedule include some plank exercise?