6 Apps + 4 Workouts for Gym Haters

The gym. Some people absolutely adore it. Others go because they have to. Then there are some who despise it more than the word “moist.” Still, you need to exercise, because it is one ingredient in the elixir to a long, plentiful life. So, what do you do? Take it from this at-home workout fanatic: there are tons of gymless workout options out there to get you fit without ever stepping foot inside a fitness facility again.

The App Options

These are online apps or streaming services that you can simply plug into any device or connect to anywhere. It does not even have to be your house.

1 Physique 57 on Demand

Although this super popular barre studio has locations all around the world, you do not have to live near a studio to take their classes. Thanks to the streaming service, you can pick a variety of videos and customize your at-home barre workout. Barre is a wonderful option for people with reduced range of motion, because there is a lot of isometric movement.

The videos are also categorized by skill level, so you never have to worry about getting in over your head. The first week of your On Demand classes is free. After that, you pay either 30 USD a month for 3 months or 57 USD for no commitment.