Your Ideal Yoga Style Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Jan 30, 2017

Know what happens when you mesh yoga with what is written in the stars? Yogastrology. There is a link with the stars, planets, universe, and the chakras we find deep within. If you are a regular practitioner of you, the names of the Sun and Moon show up regularly in flows and asana. Now it is time to supercharge your practice by incorporating the poses that contain the energies of your zodiac sign.

Aries: Hot Yoga

Fiery yoga for a fiery sign! The intensity and drive that makes Aries so headstrong and influential are the same power that can get them through a steamy hot yoga (also known as Bikram) session.

A hot yoga class is called that not just because of the internal heat the body builds up, but due to the temperature of the room, which averages around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Since Aries sometimes builds up negative emotions when things go amuck, sweat out those toxins, limber up and let that bold personality shine through.

Taurus: Hatha Yoga

The stability that Taurus emanates can become all the more concrete with a Hatha yoga practice. The oldest form of yoga out there, Hatha concentrates on cultivating alignment from the ground up. This gets energy flowing through the body in a more fluid matter. When Taurus is feeling slightly out of sorts, it is often because of stress or apprehension. With a Hatha yoga practice, Taurus can gain the confidence needed to move forward with their goals.

Gemini: Kundalini Yoga

Because Gemini is ruled mainly by Mercury, this sign is a mercurial communicator who switches back and forth, playing all the sides. Gemini is not the kind of person who likes taking things slow. In fact, they never seem to tire.

That is why Kundalini Yoga is ideal for Gemini. The basis of Kundalini is moving through a series of postures that begin at a nice pace but gradually picks up, igniting a fire inside. There are a lot of spinal twists, chanting, and loads of fluid sequences.

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Cancer: Yin Yoga

Very rarely is Cancer crabby, by way of emotion, but they are indeed ruled by the moon, which is said to have a unique effect on thoughts and feelings. Moreover, Cancer loves to nurture other people so often they forget about themselves. That is why Cancer needs Yin Yoga in their life as soon as possible.

Yin Yoga is a blend of restorative postures with gentle sequencing. The focus is holding the relaxing stretches for longer periods of time to release tension from the body. Because of the time spent in each pose, yoga tools are often used for extra support—something that Cancer will appreciate.

Leo: Power Yoga

Playful and adventurous Leo is always seeking something new. Since Leo loves being a superstar, they need a yoga practice that allows them to let their intrinsic confidence radiate. Power Yoga is a perfect choice.

Unlike other forms, Power Yoga has no set sequencing so Leo will not get bored. Moreover, the central idea of Power Yoga is dynamic flows mixed with asana that strengthen and stretch simultaneously. Leo will love the sweat and never knowing what posture is coming next.

Virgo: Iyengar Yoga

Striving constantly for perfect order and organization of their entire world, Virgo needs a yoga practice that helps get their physical and mental connection also in alignment. Focusing on the posture is the ultimate way for Virgo to fine tune their logical thought processes while relaxing their bodies.

For that reason, Iyengar Yoga is the best choice. B.K.S. Iyengar, the founder of this style, wanted a practice that heightened one’s personal awareness of anatomy and alignment through the use of asana and props. With the focus on the little details, Virgo will be in absolute Nirvana.

Libra: Vinyasa Yoga

Moving through life with balance is one of Libra’s innermost desires. If things somehow even out, or if they smoothed over a rough patch throughout the day, then they were successful. Libra also love serenity, which comes from yoga. And not just any yoga but Vinyasa.

Now, while Vinyasa is often incorporated into other forms of yoga, the style is centralized on four poses: Downward Dog, High Plank, Low Plank, and Upward Facing Dog. Running through these poses helps align the body and breath so that a balanced flow of energy is obtained.

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Scorpio: AcroYoga

There is something about Scorpio’s intrepidness that makes other people envious. Scorpio is driven, almost to the point eccentricity. That is why one of the newest and trendiest forms of yoga, called AcroYoga, matches up with Scorpio.

Right now to wrapping themselves in silk and hanging upside down, Scorpio will love the luxurious sensation of floating above the earth. Because AcroYoga is exhilarating, it is exactly what Scorpio needs to release that overabundance of energy.

Sagittarius: Restorative Yoga

Diligent when it comes to seeking knowledge yet bold in terms of how they gain it, sometimes Sagittarius ends up burning both ends of the candlestick. When that happens, Sagittarius can no longer aim true. For the Archer’s mind to get its aim back, sometimes slowing down, way down, is the only way to do it.

Restorative yoga can introduce Sagittarius to a quiet sense of stillness. As they lay with their bodies propped up and supported by various bolsters and pillows, Sagittarius can let their minds hone in on the energies of the universe to open their wisdom-seeking third eye.

Capricorn: Ashtanga Yoga

Structure and budgeting are two things that make this goat bah happily. Plus, Capricorns love hard work. Nothing suits this zodiac sign more than the traditional yoga practice known as Ashtanga.

This practice is divided into 6 series, each building off one another and escalating in terms of difficulty. Ashtanga yogis usually practice the same sequences every single day, perfecting that series before being able to move onto the next set of postures. Goal-oriented Capricorns will approve.

Aquarius: Kripalu Yoga

Free-spirited and flowing Aquarius is known for their slightly outlandish thoughts. They are undoubtedly the forward thinkers, humanitarians, and poetics of the Zodiac. Sometimes they are impossible to understand, and no one ever said that was a bad thing.

Because of this complexity, Aquarius is invited to try Kripalu yoga. Kripalu is a style that focuses fiercely on self-empowerment and learning to love oneself. Through this style, Aquarius will be able to tap into their creative juices whenever and transcend all challenges.

Pisces: Jivamukti Yoga

One of the characteristics of Pisces is their spirituality and empathetic nature. Pisces have a deep understanding of the workings of the universe. Also, Pisces is one of the signs that adores music and art.

With that in mind, Pisces should head for the nearest Jivamukti yoga class. Jivamukti is full of funky music, chanting, breath work, and heated asana sequences all while teaching kindness, compassion, and tolerance.

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Next time you are looking for a yoga class to pencil into your busy schedule, look to the stars. There is no doubt asana and styles that fit your personality perfectly. And if you have never tried yoga, now you know where to begin your journey.