Your Ideal Yoga Style Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Jan 30, 2017

Know what happens when you mesh yoga with what is written in the stars? Yogastrology. There is a link with the stars, planets, universe, and the chakras we find deep within. If you are a regular practitioner of you, the names of the Sun and Moon show up regularly in flows and asana. Now it is time to supercharge your practice by incorporating the poses that contain the energies of your zodiac sign.

Aries: Hot Yoga

Fiery yoga for a fiery sign! The intensity and drive that makes Aries so headstrong and influential are the same power that can get them through a steamy hot yoga (also known as Bikram) session.

A hot yoga class is called that not just because of the internal heat the body builds up, but due to the temperature of the room, which averages around 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Since Aries sometimes builds up negative emotions when things go amuck, sweat out those toxins, limber up and let that bold personality shine through.