10 Yoga Poses That Improve Your Metabolism

Jul 27, 2016

Though only in recent years the wonders of yoga have been exhumed, the practice is over 2000 years and quite revered. At gyms, studios, and holistic care centers everywhere, yoga can be anything from a sweaty workout to a therapeutic session depending on the style you are practicing.

Those who do yoga routinely are aware of the feel-good effect on the mind and body, but many are unaware of how influential yoga is on metabolism. By adding certain asanas, or postures, to your daily routine, you can light a metabolic fire to burn calories all day long.

You can sequence these asanas or intersperse them throughout your practice. Remember to breathe through each pose. If you are looking for a more invigorating sequence, do not linger in the poses. Moving through the sequence at a faster pace will increase your heart rate and act as cardio.

1 Half Sun Salutation

Not a single pose but a flow that is fundamental to certain styles, like Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga, Half Sun Salutations are pure magic when it comes to warming up and achieving spinal alignment.

Start standing in Mountain Pose (Tadasana), feet in line with the hip bones. Shoulders should be rolled back, blades moving towards the spine. Feel a lightness in the chest that opens the heart slightly upward to the sky. Breathe the arms to the side then up and overhead.

With the exhale, hinge at the hips, trying to maintain a flat back until halfway over. From there, allow the upper body to cascade from the pelvis like a waterfall. Do not stress about reaching the floor. Focus your energy on the crown of the head, imaging it reaching towards the ground, as you come to Uttanasana (Forward Fold).

Roll back up through the spine, thinking of the stacking each vertebrae. Repeat several times until the body is warm.