6 Yoga Poses to Conjure Up the Holiday Spirit

Nov 18, 2016

Photo: pinterest.com

The most wonderful time of the year often comes with unwanted levels of stress and decadent food. Take some time to gift yourself with self-love, and channel the energy and joy of the season with these warming yoga postures.

Remember to appropriate warm up before doing any active stretching practice so that you do not injure yourself. Feel free to put “White Christmas” on repeat while doing this yoga sequence.

1 Cat-cow pose into tiger stretch (Durga-go into Vasisthasana)

Channeling heat with the breath is the perfect way to warm up the body on these chilly, wintry mornings.

How to do it: Start in an all-fours position with hands under the shoulders, knees under the hips. Be sure that your core is engaged to prevent an over exaggerated sway back. As you inhale, look up and arch the back. Exhale, curving the spine into an ice cream scoop shape. Repeat a few times then readjust the hands and knees if necessary.

To transition into Tiger (Vasisthasana), focus drawing the navel to the spine as the right hand and left leg reach in opposite directions. Hold for a few cycles of breath then repeat on the opposite side. Switch back and forth then return to Durga-go if you don’t feel warmed up enough. Imagine reindeer pawing and prancing through the snow.