7 Reasons to Skip a Few Parties This Holiday Season

Oct 25, 2022

The holiday season means lots of fun parties and huge expenses. Although it’s a really festive way to celebrate the season, there are a few important reasons to skip several parties this holiday season. We often go to the parties where we don’t know anyone, or we are often invited to potluck parties that can hurt our wallets. Having or attending a family dinner is a good and budget-friendly option to consider. You can also stay at home and watch a good movie with your partner or play your favorite board games with kids. Without further ado, here are a few sound reasons to skip a few parties this holiday season.

1 Save money

Don’t get me wrong, you can throw and attend parties as often as you want this holiday season. But, can you afford them? There is no sense in running into debts just because your friends say that you are greedy or boring. If you are on a tight budget or you are trying to pay off your debts and ring in the new year debt-free, don’t be afraid to skip a few holiday parties. You will save on gifts, foods, costumes and many other things. True friends will understand you and support you, trust me. They might even suggest that you skip those parties together and find free activities the winter season can offer you.

2 You don’t want to go anywhere

If you feel unwell or you just don’t want to go anywhere and don’t want to have a party at home, explain it to your friends. Don’t try to make any super cool excuses and don’t feel guilty about it. Tell the truth and do what you want to do. As I mentioned above, true friends will understand you. After all, you won’t have fun and you might even end up with a terrible hangover, because when people are in a bad mood, they tend to drink more and eat more. Do you really need those extra calories?

3 You don’t like to party

Whether you are an introvert or you simply don’t like to party, it’s a good reason to skip parties this holiday season. If reading a good book while drinking a hot chocolate or eggnog at home makes you happy, then do it. You should always think about yourself first. However, I’m not recommend you to skip all holiday parties. Sometimes it’s great to spend your time with friends and have lots of fun.

4 Gifts

If your friends invite you to their Christmas party, think twice before accepting that invitation. Firstly, you will have to spend a fortune on Christmas gifts for every friend, even if you decide to make your own gifts. Secondly, Christmas is a family holiday. It’s a good opportunity to spend some quality time with your parents, grandparents and relatives you haven’t seen for many years. Spend your money on gifts for your nearest and dearest, not on those you hardly know. Your parents will be happy to celebrate Christmas with you, especially if you live far away from them.

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5 Kids

If you have kids, it’s one of the most important reasons to party less this holiday season. As a parent, you have to spend your time with kids. It’s okay if you will throw one party or attend two parties during the festive season. But it’s bad when you party every other day, and your kids don’t see you at all. Your parents are happy to spend more time with their grandchildren, but don’t forget that you are a parent and you should also be happy to spend the holiday season with your little ones.

6 Your partner doesn’t like to party

If you have a boyfriend or a husband who hates parties, it’s better to skip a few this festive season. In fact, most women want to have a partner who doesn’t party and don’t like alcohol. Appreciate your partner and try to find a compromise, like today you have a romantic dinner at home and tomorrow you will go to your friend’s party. The last thing you want to do during the holiday season is to fight with your significant other.

7 Do the most important household chores

Before you call me crazy, let me say. I know you don’t want to do anything during the holiday season. You want to have lots of fun and visit every party, and it’s absolutely great. But now imagine your house after the holiday season. When you party every other day, you are too tired and too relaxed to do something. You might say that you will do everything at the end of the holiday season, but don’t forget that you and your husband will go to work, your kids will go to school, and you will also have to do a huge number of household chores.

Parties are great and fun, but in moderation. Every person can have their own reasons to party less, but these seven reasons are the most popular and important ones. What’s your reason to skip at least one party this festive season?