7 Christmas Destinations Chocolate Lovers Will Enjoy

Nov 28, 2019

Christmas is a time to celebrate and indulge, so why not spend your Christmas vacation in a destination designed to delight any chocolate lover? From around the world, you can celebrate Christmas in the spirit of chocolate – from world-class Christmas markets to chocolate-making and chocolate-themed hotels, spas, and more. These Christmas destinations are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

1 Brussels, Belgium

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Belgian chocolate is synonymous with luxury. Here, in this chocolate mecca, you can find world-class chocolate like the jewel-like creations of Maison Pierre Marcolini, the gluten-free Belvas, the incredible pralines at Passion Chocolat, and of course, the famous Godiva.

Visit the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, and enjoy stunning Christmas markets in Brussels’ many open squares for vendors offering hot drinks, antiques, local artistry, and finely crafted independent chocolate makers. Stop in at Mary, a chocolate shop loved by the Belgian Royal Family, for unique praline boxes that make the perfect Christmas gift.

2 Zurich, Switzerland

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Zurich is the birthplace of milk chocolate, and this city churns it out like it is going out of style. There are chocolate shops on nearly every corner. To really satisfy your sweet tooth, visit the Nopra Chocolate Shop for their Sweet Tooth Xmas Tour. Take a guided tour of the most festive parts of the city and head back to the shop to create your own chocolate while sipping on homemade glögg.

Another fun way to enjoy the special Swiss chocolate is a ride on the Chocolate Train. Leaving from Montreux and heading to Gruyeres and Broc, you can get both sweet and savoury on this train ride. Stop first in Gruyeres for the finest cheese and fondue tastings, then continue to Broc for an immersive tour of the Maison-Callier chocolate factory.

3 Hershey, Pennsylvania, USA

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The sweetest town on earth, the name gives a notion as to what you will expect in this American town. Visit Hershey’s Chocolate World for extra-special holiday events like visiting with Santa, ride the Holly Jolly Trolley complete with caroling and an elf with chocolate treats for guests, and check out the amazing Chocolate House, a large structure made entirely of chocolate. Plus, you can stay at Hotel Hershey and relax at their chocolate spa! Chocolate face masks, cocoa bean polishes, and even cocoa baths.

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4 Oaxaca, Mexico

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Looking for a sunnier Christmas getaway? Oaxaca is touted to be the birthplace of chocolate and their addition of chocolate into cuisine goes beyond your standard chocolate bar. Christmas in Oaxaca is a special thing – the celebrations are not as lively as those in Mexico City, but the people come together to celebrate, especially on one of Mexico’s most unique celebrations – noche de rábanos – literally Night of the Radishes that takes place in the week leading up to Christmas.

The celebration takes place in the city’s square, where radish carvers sculpt intricate scenes out of vegetables. These Christmas celebrations and markets are the best places to sample the Oaxacan chocolate – you can find it in the complex mole sauce, the tejate drink, and drinking chocolate. Markets sell cacao beans, fermented cacao, ground cacao, toasted cacao, and more. Chocolate is not just an indulgence here, it is part of their lifestyle.

5 Barcelona, Spain

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The first city in Europe to experience chocolate, Barcelona was the first place to have a chocolate-making machine back in the 18th century. Now, the Museo de la Xocolata offers visitors a glimpse into the magic of chocolate making, both big and small.

You can see chocolate sculptures, do tastings, and even painting with chocolate. During Christmas, you can bake and decorate cookies with the family or become a chocolate artist and learn how to manipulate and sculpt it.

6 Cologne, Germany

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The capital of Germany is home to the Stollwerck Chocolate Company and the Imhoff Stollwerck Chocolate Museum. Hans Imhoff – a famed German chocolatier – opened this museum in 1993 and it has welcome chocolate lovers ever since. Learn about the history of chocolate, see interactive displays, and of course sample the wares.

Plus, Germany during Christmas is gorgeous. Check out the Christmas markets, like the large one near the Cologne Cathedral, and find gifts, mulled wine, and baked goods vendors for locally-made treats.

7 Bournemouth, UK

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If you want a unique chocolate lover’s Christmas holiday, try spending a few nights at the Chocolate Box Hotel in Bournemouth. The quaint rooms are decorated in warm browns, purples, and golds that feel like the inside of a chocolate box. Plus, the daily in-house truffles brought to your room are a sweet treat each day.

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Try a chocolate cocktail at their bar, or start your day with chocolate pancakes at the breakfast buffet. Work off all that chocolate by going skating at night in the festively lit Bournemouth Gardens Ice Rink, visit the Christmas market, or check out the famed Coca-Cola Truck lit up in all its holiday glory.