10 Christmas Destinations Chocolate Lovers Will Enjoy

Dec 13, 2022

Christmas is a time to celebrate and indulge, so why not spend your Christmas vacation in a destination designed to delight any chocolate lover? From around the world, you can celebrate Christmas in the spirit of chocolate – from world-class Christmas markets to chocolate-making and chocolate-themed hotels, spas, and more. These Christmas destinations are sure to satisfy your sweet tooth!

1. Brussels, Belgium

Photo: pinterest.com

Brussel is one of the best Christmas destinations chocolate lovers will enjoy is Brussel, as Belgian chocolate is synonymous with luxury. Here, you can find world-class chocolate like the jewel-like creations of Maison Pierre Marcolini, the gluten-free Belvas, the incredible pralines at Passion Chocolat, and of course, the famous Godiva.

Visit the Museum of Cocoa and Chocolate, and enjoy stunning Christmas markets in Brussels’ many open squares for vendors offering hot drinks, antiques, local artistry, and finely crafted independent chocolate makers. Stop in at Mary, a chocolate shop loved by the Belgian Royal Family, for unique praline boxes that make the perfect Christmas gift.