9. Vienna, Austria

Photo credit: pinterest.com

Vienna is a fabulously beautiful Christmas destination for chocolate lovers. Aromas of Christmas pastries, hot punch, sugar-roasted almonds, and, of course, chocolate are in the air. The old town and shopping streets are decorated with festive lights that fill the city with a Christmas mood.

You should definitely visit Grand Cacao, Xocolat, and Schokoladenkoenig, which amaze chocolate lovers with their fantastic ideas embodied in chocolate, thereby making the Viennese confectionery world more varied and tasty. Also, an excellent idea for chocolate lovers who decide to spend their Christmas holidays in Vienna is to visit the chocolate museum.

The Chocolate Museum will allow chocolate lovers to learn many new and exciting things about the art of growing cocoa and its processing. The museum program includes a show of choco movies, as many as three choco fountains, a tour of the production, and, of course, tastings. In addition, the museum presents chocolate of all kinds, as well as shapes and sizes: here, you can find both giant bars and tiny chocolate bears that will appeal to young tourists. Chocolate lovers will undoubtedly enjoy it.