All You Want to Know about Christmas Tree Eyebrows

Dec 18, 2017

Photo: Over the years the female eyebrow has gone through so much makeup evolution and trends. Whenever there is a change in the makeup world, and it starts with the eyebrows because it is one of the most defining features of a ladies face. This year alone there have been so many eyebrows trends, from darker brows to squiggly brows and now Christmas tree brows.

The eyebrow trends never end

In makeup application, the eyebrow is the most concentrated on because it defines your whole face and looks, so it is only natural for people to keep up with the continuous change in brow trends, no matter how ridiculous it might look.

The Christmas tree brows were obviously inspired by the festive season just around the corner. This new trend is created to make your brow hair flick downwards and upwards to form tree barnacles with delicately placed sparkle on each branch to look like lights and baubles with a gold star at the inner corner of the eyebrow, just as you would have it on top of your Christmas tree.

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Carry the festive spirit wherever you go

Most people are already jumping on the trend because who would not like to have their own very Christmas tree on their face and carry the festive spirit wherever you go. This trend might most like just fizzle out with the New Year but while it is still trending it would not hurt to give it a try.

How to create your own Christmas tree eyebrows

To create this look you have to be creative and experimental enough to own it, here is a guide to creating the look and the things you will need:

  • Green hair mascara or clear mascara glue, Vaseline, and a green eyeshadow
  • Small gems
  • Glitters
  • Star sticker

Here is your step-by-step guide:

  • Paint your eyebrow with the green mascara brow, if you do not have green mascara you can create with green eyeshadow and clear mascara glue or Vaseline.
  • After applying the mascara, the eyebrows will be wet, part the brows down the middle. Then make little tree branches with it.
  • Leave the mascara for 3 minutes to set in well.
  • After three minutes, attach the small gems with eyelash glue to the end of each branch like the baubles on your Christmas tree. While at it, you can also decide to add some glitter to go all out, but if you do not have, that is fine also.
  • Finally add your star sticker to the inner corner of your eyebrow, like the top of your Christmas tree, and voila, you have your own Christmas tree on our face.

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The Christmas tree brow was first created by a Canadian beauty Vlogger who lives in Hong Kong, Taylor R. She made a 10 minute tutorial on how to make the new brow trend and posted a picture of the finished work with the caption “Christmas tree eyebrows (tree Emoji) Yes or NO?” And so many women have jumped on it, obviously, it was a yes.