10 Reasons to Celebrate Christmas with Your Parents

Oct 24, 2022

Nothing beats a traditional family Christmas spent unwrapping gifts, playing parlour games and sitting around the table for lunch. As we get older, many of us find it difficult to make it back home for Christmas due to work, distance or other commitments. Whether your family Christmases were spent peacefully or in total chaos, they will often be some of the happiest memories from your childhood. The following list gives 10 reasons why you should consider spending Christmas with your parents.

1 Nostalgia

Everyone loves feeling like a kid again, and waking up in your childhood home on Christmas morning will fill you with the same excitement you experienced as a child. Allowing your parents to wait on you hand and foot whilst you sit back and gorge on festive treats is another benefit of staying home. Celebrating Christmas at home is a nice opportunity to recollect family traditions and enjoy your childhood memories. Ask your mom to prepare the traditional meal you used to cook each year, decorate the Christmas tree as you did in childhood. Don’t forget to prepare heartwarming gifts for your loved ones.

2 Save money

Even before you include the cost of buying gifts, Christmas is one of the most expensive holidays. Once you add up the cost of dinner, snacks, decorations, Christmas crackers, sweets and alcohol, you will be ready to move back home permanently. When you celebrate Christmas with your parents, you can cut the expenditures almost three times. Also, consider using last year’s decorations. Plan your festive dinner accurately and stock up on food at least two weeks before the celebration. Try to cut down on expensive gifts. Cheap yet hearty presents or even handmade crafts will show your attention and care.

3 Catch up with family members

For many families, the holiday season is the only time when everyone can gather together in one place. Family reunions are the perfect opportunity to catch up with long-lost cousins, uncles, aunts or even your very own siblings. Messages, phone calls and infrequent greeting cards aren’t sufficient to maintain strong family bonds. Even if you don’t really feel like meeting your extended family, it’s okay to get in touch with your distant relatives at least once a year.

4 Avoid the stress of hosting Christmas yourself

Hosting Christmas in your own home can be an incredibly stressful experience. Not only are you in charge of cooking dinner, but you will also have the housework, decorating and even accommodating your guests to worry about. In your parents’ house you can almost relax. Sure, you’ll have to help your mom with cooking, shopping and cleaning. But it makes a great difference when you’re not responsible for the celebration yourself. Moreover, celebrating Christmas with parents is a good pretext to skip unwanted engagements, which also makes the holiday less stressful.

5 Cut back on the alcohol

Most of us overindulge during the festive period, but if you are spending the day with your parents then the chances are you won’t find yourself finishing off your second bottle of wine before noon. As well as giving your liver a well-needed rest, you will even save yourself money. Vary your usual drink menu with festive non-alcoholic cocktails, egg nog, juice mixes and hot chocolate or hot vanilla milk. With these warm and healthy winter drinks you will create an unforgettable atmosphere of Christmas.

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6 Learn how to cook a spectacular Christmas dinner

Even if your home relied on frozen vegetables and packet mixes to prepare the Christmas lunch, you will never forget the taste of your mother’s cooking. Most mothers have tried-and-tested tips for cooking for a big crowd which will come in handy when it’s your turn to host Christmas. Join your mom when she’s busy in the kitchen and learn some tips and tricks to prepare gorgeous holiday meal. Being at home on Christmas is a great chance to taste her incomparable dainties one more time.

7 Let your kids spend time with their grandparents

If you have children, then let their grandparents spoil them over the Christmas period while you take a well-deserved break. If you live in another town your kids and your parents have rare opportunity to meet. However, the importance of strong bonds with grandparents is immense for a child. Even though mom and dad are primary caregivers, nothing can compares with grandparents’ love and cordiality. Children are often the heart and soul of Christmas, and watching them rip open their presents in the morning is one of the highlights of the day.

8 Make your parents happy

Whether you have been living away from home for a few months or several years, your parents will be overjoyed at the prospect of having you home for Christmas. One of the hardest parts of being a parent is watching your kids fly the nest as they get older, so reuniting on special occasions is a wonderful way to spend quality time together. I know that I will always remain a little child for my mom and dad, regardless of how old I actually am. And whenever I visit my parent’s home, they always treat me like I’m still their little daughter. Sometimes every adult needs to feel like a child again. So why not celebrate this Christmas at home and make your parents happy?

9 Reconnect with old friends

Returning to your childhood home may mean that you will get the opportunity to meet up with old school friends, neighbours and other people you have not seen for years. Social networks have made it much easier to stay in contact with friends and relatives once they move away, but this cannot compare with actually being able to meet up with people from your past. Ask you parents if it would be okay to host a great celebration and gather together a great circle of your friends. Meeting with people you haven’t seen for ages will make the holiday even more cordial and homelike.

10 Celebrate the true meaning of Christmas

Over the years, Christmas has become less about spending time with family and more about gift-giving, overeating and having the perfectly decorated home. Instead of contributing to the commercialisation of Christmas, convince your family to celebrate the true meaning of Christmas by focusing only on spending time with each other. Look for interesting and free family activities to get involved with your parents and children. The feeling of togetherness, closeness and fellowship are much more important than material items. Trimming Christmas tree together, looking over family photos or sledding can bring happiness and the true spirit of Christmas better than expensive gifts and fancy decorations.

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Even if your parents live a long distance from you, making the journey home for Christmas will always be worth it. Even if you can only stay for the afternoon, it will always be worth taking the time out to visit. Our parents will sadly not be around forever, so making the most of the precious time you have together is essential. Do you think it’s great to celebrate Christmas with parents?