10 Festive Places to Celebrate Christmas in Germany

Nov 3, 2016

Photo: pinterest.com

With Halloween over, the holidays are upon us and while it may seem like it is too early to talk about Christmas, it is never too early to talk about the Christmas markets in foreign countries so you can start planning your trip now. Plus, Christmas markets in Germany begin at the end of November, so we are not really that early in talking about it.

Germany is renowned for its Christmas markets and nearly every city and town will have their own version, so here are the top ten most festive places to celebrate Christmas in Germany – it may help to put your credit card somewhere far away so you do not buy any flights during the reading of this post.

1 Cologne

On the far western border of the country is the city of Cologne, mostly known for its beautiful huge cathedral. Well, guess what? That massive cathedral is the backdrop to one of the most magical Christmas markets in the whole country.

Starting on November 21 and ending on December 23, this gothic-inspired Christmas market has more than 150 stalls that will sell you everything from mulled wine to fuzzy hats and everything in between. It is the perfect place to enjoy some traditional music and great food.