10 Festive Places to Celebrate Christmas in Germany

Nov 9, 2016

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With Halloween over, the holidays are upon us and while it may seem like it is too early to talk about Christmas, it is never too early to talk about the Christmas markets in foreign countries so you can start planning your trip now. Plus, Christmas markets in Germany begin at the end of November, so we are not really that early in talking about it.

Germany is renowned for its Christmas markets and nearly every city and town will have their own version, so here are the top ten most festive places to celebrate Christmas in Germany – it may help to put your credit card somewhere far away so you do not buy any flights during the reading of this post.

1 Cologne

On the far western border of the country is the city of Cologne, mostly known for its beautiful huge cathedral. Well, guess what? That massive cathedral is the backdrop to one of the most magical Christmas markets in the whole country.

Starting on November 21 and ending on December 23, this gothic-inspired Christmas market has more than 150 stalls that will sell you everything from mulled wine to fuzzy hats and everything in between. It is the perfect place to enjoy some traditional music and great food.

2 Berlin

Although Berlin has been a united city for more than 25 years, it still remains relatively divided in the sense. There are two city centers, two sides of the city and while everyone gets along splendidly, it usually means there are two of everything. Christmas markets are no different.

One market is held at Alexanderplatz, in the east where the TV tower is, but the most impressive one is the one held in the west at Charlottenburg Palace. You will be in a winter wonderland with this impressive baroque palace behind you and around 250 stalls. Opening November 21 and going as late as December 26, you have ample opportunities to experience this Christmas dream.

3 Munich

Similar to Cologne, Munich is known for its gothic architecture, but the backdrop for this market is the gothic town hall, which is surrounded by little wooden huts selling uniquely Bavarian items.

Amazing food, lively music and a tree that will impress Santa himself, Munich’s Christmas market is an experience just waiting to be had. You can visit this market beginning November 25 up until Christmas Eve.

4 Nuremberg

Perhaps not the most well-known city in Germany, but with the backdrop of the magnificent Alps, it is hard to imagine there is any other kind of market out there. With nearly 200 different stalls, this market is Germany’s oldest and to retain tradition, any items that are modern or mass-produced are strictly verboten. So take a step back in time and revel in the magical landscape and atmosphere from November 25 to Christmas Eve.

5 Aachen

Hosted in the historic center of this beautiful city, this Christmas market enjoys the backdrop of the first UNESCO heritage site in Germany – the Aachen Cathedral. Attracting 1.5 million visitors a year, it is no wonder this is one of the most beautiful places to celebrate Christmas in the country, but it also means you may be crammed in like sardines. Opening as early as November 18, you are best off going on the earlier side to beat the crowds.

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6 Schloss Guteneck

If you want to take an even further trip back in time, then this is the Christmas market for you. Medieval inspired, listen to fanfares that are reminiscent of the Renessiance festival and enjoy more than mulled wine and good food, such as the likes of jugglers and jesters.

If a castle is not the perfect backdrop for some magical Christmas atmosphere, I do not know what is. This Christmas market is a bit more limited, only open November 26-27, December 2-4, 9-11 and 16-18.

7 Dresden

Another one of Germany’s oldest Christmas markets, dating as far back as the 15th century. Right in the heart of the historic city center, you will be able to taste the traditional and sweet delicacy called Dresden Christstollen – a special Christmas cake and also what the market is colloquially known as now. With a more alpine lodging feel, this market is unlike any others. Visit this stunning part of history from November 24 to Christmas Eve.

8 Stuttgart

Nothing encourages ornate and beautiful stalls than a contest for the best-decorated one and that is exactly what you get at this massive and beautiful Christmas market in Stuttgart. With nearly 300 stalls that are all decorated to the nines, enjoy some merry Yuletide spirit.

Glistening lights, music, festive light shows, concerts, nativities and more are all what make this market so special. You have a whole month to experience this market between November 23 and December 23, with two nights open much later for a special late-night shopping experience.

9 Rothenburg

If you want to walk directly into a fairytale then this is the place to go because Rothenburg’s architecture is like something out of those books you read as a child complete with colorful buildings and arches over streets.

This city honestly feels more like Disney World than it does a real place, which makes its Christmas market all the more magical. Enjoy some mulled wine while walking the snow-covered streets in the soft glow of the many lights that adorn the trees and many booths. Open from November 24 to December 23, you have lots of time to make a romantic getaway.

10 Leipzig

Located just south of Berlin, this is another German Christmas market dating as far back as the 15th century. Enjoy more than 250 stalls, a massive, sparkling Christmas tree and Christmas carolers in this cute city center square.

Enjoy a ride on the Ferris wheel and take in the incredible scenery or migrate towards the stage with your mulled wine to hear some Christmas tunes. Open from November 22 to December 23, you could even do this market as a day trip down from Berlin and fit in two magical markets into one day and night.

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Christmas markets are what make Germany so incredible this time of year. It is one of the most festive places to be in the world, so if you have the opportunity pack up your suitcase and head to one of these stunning destinations for some festive spirit.