10 Ways to Celebrate Christmas with a Newborn Infant

Nov 29, 2021

Your baby’s first Christmas is a truly special one, but it can also be confusing. A newborn doesn’t appreciate gifts or decorations yet and is too young to enjoy family traditions. Moreover, if you delivered a baby just a few months before the holiday season, you may be too tired to enjoy the Christmas cheer with your newborn. However, you should start teaching your little baby Christmas traditions even from the young age. Here are absolutely amazing ways to celebrate Christmas with your newborn infant.

1 Take holiday photos

This is the last time your baby will hold still for holiday photos for many years, so take advantage of it. Get some cute pictures of your little one surrounded by Christmas ornaments and lights, or in an adorable Santa outfit. It’s better to avoid dressing your little baby in intricate costumes, but a Santa hat, a bright bow tie or a reindeer ears will make the photos absolutely Christmassy and festive! If you expect many guests to come to your party, be sure they’ll want to get a photo with your little baby.

2 Do baby crafts

Tiny toes and fingers make adorable crafts that you can save for future holidays. Press a little foot into a clay round to make an ornament, or use those sweet hands dipped in paint to create a holiday art print to frame. Put the child’s prints on the paper, cut out the painted prints and hang them on the Christmas tree as decorations. Even though your newborn infant cannot take part in decorating Christmas tree, the memories will last for a lifetime.

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3 Visit your family

The holidays are a great time to get together with family members and introduce them to the newest member of the family. Even though a child is too young to remember those moments, it’s a good idea to socialize your baby from the early age. Make sure you take plenty of pictures for future memories. Some of the people your little one meets may no longer be around by the time he’s old enough to remember the meetings. Photos can be very precious. However, the kid may get tired of the crowds of people and noise, so make sure you can leave him in a quiet room to feed and put the baby to sleep.

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4 Keep it simple

A baby is a lot of work and when you are just settling into parenthood, you’ll have trouble focusing on the holidays. Keep things simple and don’t be afraid to skip many of the activities you once did as a childless person. Instead of hosting a great bash opt for a warm homey gathering with your parents and close friends. Your mom and pals can help you to look after the baby or in the kitchen. Don’t put any extra pressure on yourself. The baby will demand most of your attention and no one will complain if you give out gift cards this year.

5 Skip the parties

When you welcome a baby I’m more than sure that holiday parties aren’t the thing you need now. You can’t do everything and when you have a newborn waking you up at all hours of the night, you’re going to need as much sleep as you can get. Moreover, you’ll hardly enjoy your time out since you’ll have to leave all the time to feed the baby, change the diaper or put him to sleep. Leave the parties until next year and just relax at home, instead. You’ll also be protecting your little one from picking up too many germs in the first few months of life.

6 Aim for practical gifts

There’s no good reason to get your baby any gifts at this age, but if you do go this route, get practical items, like a baby carrier, sleepers or anything that the baby shower might have missed. You can also let friends and relatives know that you are going for practical and let them know what you need to avoid being overwhelmed with baby toys. Ask them not to splurge on clothes either; babies grow out of their clothes too fast and you simply can have no time to put on all those garments. If your friends don’t know what to buy, they can always opt for a set of diapers, a very practical and essential item for a newborn infant.

7 Decorate minimally

You don’t have to decorate the house to the nines, so put up a tree if you have the energy and hang a wreath on the door to show your Christmas spirit. Of course, if you do have more energy, feel free to decorate as much as you want, but don’t feel obligated. Your little baby cannot appreciate and admire those sparkling garlands, colored Christmas tree decorations or elaborate Christmas stockings. There’s always next year. Now you should spend your time, money and energy on more important things like getting enough rest or buying children items.

8 Don’t do anything you don’t want to

Having a newborn is essentially a get-out-of-jail-free card and you’ll be excused for just about everything over the holidays. However, there may be people who will pressure you to leave the infant with a babysitter so you can attend a party. While this is fine if you are comfortable doing it, don’t let anyone push you into doing what you don’t feel comfortable with. Now your child is your first priority and if your friends cannot understand that, don’t let them press you. Explain that you need some time to recover after childbirth and all those parties and engagements can wait till the next year.

9 Order in

No one said you had to cook all your holiday meals. Order takeout or buy some prepared food from a deli and enjoy the moment. In fact, food is a great Christmas gift to ask for when people wonder what you need. If you expect guest to come, ask them to prepare and bring one meal. However, if you’re still breastfeeding, takeout may be not the best food to eat. You can order food for your husband and guests and prepare something appropriate and healthy for yourself.

10 Make memories

This will be the first time you celebrate Christmas as a full-fledged family, which is very meaningful and memorable. When you have a little baby you may find it difficult to eliminate stressors, relax and enjoy your time together. But you will never have another first Christmas with your baby, so make this one count. Buy a first Christmas ornament, take lots of photos and video and just enjoy having your little one home with you.

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year, particularly if you have just expanded your family. You cannot teach your baby the story of Jesus or rejoice your little one with precious Christmas gifts so far, but it doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy the festive atmosphere. Make use of the above-mentioned tips and make the first Christmas with your newborn a very delightful time. Enjoy it to the utmost and make lots of memories, but don’t forget to take some down time, too.