5 Excellent Reasons to Travel on Christmas

Nov 21, 2017

The most wonderful time of the year is upon us! Everyone dons their most festive expressions, whether these are ugly sweaters, elf hats, or Santa suits, to enjoy Christmas at home with the family. Yet, there is always an option that is enticing to those who get the itch to travel.

You might think traveling during the holidays is a terrible idea, because everyone does it, right? Actually, you woulld be surprised how many people stay home, leaving many popular destinations awaiting your arrival. Here are several reasons to travel on Christmas:

1 Deals aplenty

You might be thinking that the prices of flights and hotels skyrocket during the holidays. It is the exact opposite. Depending on where you travel, certain destinations actually drop dramatically in price. The same goes for hotels. If you regularly use booking apps and other services, you can snag some serious deals. So do some research and employ other money-saving strategies.

These strategies for saving moolah include “time-focused savings.” That means traveling on the actual holiday. When you do route searches, you will find that a day or two before a holiday is phenomenally high. Eves are the same. But the day of Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s are all hundreds of dollars cheaper.

Next are options like Booking.com, where you can rake up points and get “genius bargains,” credit card miles and rewards, and even taking advantage of AirBnB rates to save money. Also, I can attest to purchasing absurdly low tickets and hotel rooms on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

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2 “Dead” weekends and smaller crowds

Much of December is considered a dead weekend, where people are home for holiday-based commitments and work-related preparations. This means hotels, planes, trains, and bed & breakfasts are all emptier than usual.

On top of that, since such services are pining for money during this time, they drop their rates lower. You can pretty much select whatever you want and get a deal – as long as it is NOT a known holiday destination. Going somewhere that is less popular, like somewhere cold or domestic travel that does not involve an island, means you are going to meet less crowds, too.

3 Skip holiday shopping

The vacation and all the excursions and fine dining involved will be the present. Plus, you probably will not be spending much on gifts while you are traveling, because you will not have the space to pack them.

This allows you to save money on items and focus more on memories and experiences. Imagine all the excursions you can go on; all the tours, rides, and museums you can enter. Isn’t that worth more than a silly souvenir?

4 Less stress, more fun

Going on vacation means no cooking, no cleaning, no wrapping presents and dealing with family drama. The stress of preparing for the holidays at home really adds up! All the shopping, buying and cooking the dinner, adhering to everyone’s diets, trying to keep your mother-in-law away from the aunt she always bickers with, keeping kids entertained, and dealing with the mess takes hours!

Traveling, on the other hand, means that you will have to deal with is making sure everyone has packed their toothbrush and weather-appropriate clothing.

5 Unforgettable memories

Think back for a moment to a Christmas a few years back. What happened? Do you really remember the specifics? I will be honest with you. The Christmases I remember the most are ones where something miraculous happened or when I was traveling. Otherwise, so many family holidays are so routine, the meals, conversations, and presents all blend together. It is madness.

Christmas is about getting together with family, whether you are religious or not. Christmas is about receiving love and showing gratitude for those we hold dear in our lives. Wouldn’t you rather spend the holiday going on adventures and bonding with your spouse and children? Wouldn’t you rather give everyone memories that will never fade and fill them with warmth and happiness for the New Year?

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Traveling on Christmas, whether you go it alone or with friends and family, is the ultimate way to spend your time. You can save money, snag some wonderful deals, and create lasting memories. If you start preparing for the trip now, then you can have everything set for when Christmas Day rolls around! It is going to be one happy holiday for sure.