8 Creative Ways to Awaken Christmas Spirit

Christmas is almost here but I’ve noticed that many people don’t see or feel it. They are too busy with shopping, decorating and cooking that they don’t feel the Christmas cheer. Unfortunately, many of us take Christmas for granted. I love to spread the Christmas cheer and I love to remind people that Christmas is all about joy, love and spending time with people you love. It’s time when you should relax and enjoy your life. If you don’t enjoy the holiday season or you want to boost the Christmas spirit of people you love, you may want to try one of these eight creative and fun ways to awaken the Christmas spirit. Give them a try and let me know how they work out for you.

1 Pass out tasty treats to strangers

Have you ever passed out Christmas cookies or candies to strangers? It’s a fantastic way to spread the Christmas cheer and boost your own Christmas spirit. Whether you bake or buy Christmas cookies, consider giving them to people you meet as you go through your day, especially to homeless people. I love baking Christmas cookies and I really enjoy giving those small delicious treats to strangers. Their smiles make my day!