8 Creative Ways to Awaken Christmas Spirit

Christmas is almost here but I’ve noticed that many people don’t see or feel it. They are too busy with shopping, decorating and cooking that they don’t feel the Christmas cheer. Unfortunately, many of us take Christmas for granted. I love to spread the Christmas cheer and I love to remind people that Christmas is all about joy, love and spending time with people you love. It’s time when you should relax and enjoy your life. If you don’t enjoy the holiday season or you want to boost the Christmas spirit of people you love, you may want to try one of these eight creative and fun ways to awaken the Christmas spirit. Give them a try and let me know how they work out for you.

1 Pass out tasty treats to strangers

Have you ever passed out Christmas cookies or candies to strangers? It’s a fantastic way to spread the Christmas cheer and boost your own Christmas spirit. Whether you bake or buy Christmas cookies, consider giving them to people you meet as you go through your day, especially to homeless people. I love baking Christmas cookies and I really enjoy giving those small delicious treats to strangers. Their smiles make my day!

2 Become a Secret Santa

This one is all about kindness and helping people in need. My neighbor is an old woman who unfortunately doesn’t have children and grandchildren. While I always invite her to our house for Christmas dinner, I also become a Secret Santa. I buy a nice gift and leave it at her house so that she knows she is not alone and there are people who really care about her. You don’t have to be rich in order to help others. If you know people who are lonely or who can’t afford to celebrate Christmas this year, why not buy some groceries or make some Christmas decorations and leave them at their houses? Do it secretly to boost their Christmas spirit even more.

3 Help

My friend is a single mom to 4 great children and the holiday season is a real disaster for her. Although I always have a busy schedule, I try to find time to help her. I usually take her children to my home so that Jessica could finish her shopping, cooking and gift-wrapping, and could spend some ‘me time’ and enjoy the Christmas time. Spending the whole day with four little kids isn’t as easy task, but a proper planning can go a long way. If you know anyone (especially single moms) who needs your help, try to find some free time to help them. They will never forget your kindness!

4 Volunteer at your local shelters

Whether it’s an animal shelter or shelter for homeless people, volunteering is a useful way to spend your weekends and spread the Christmas cheer. During the holiday season, animals need our help too, so let’s not forget about them. If you are lonely, volunteering at one of your local shelters is one of the best ways to celebrate Christmas. Christmas is also the perfect time to adopt a pet. You won’t feel so lonely and save a life of an animal.

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5 Spread Christmas cheer at work

Guess what’s the most amazing way to spread Christmas cheer at work? Yes, baked goods! When baking Christmas cookies for your family and strangers, don’t forget about your coworkers and boss. Even if you hate your boss or have difficult relationships with your coworkers, share some cookies with them. Who knows, maybe it will help you to stop all those office wars!

6 Donate

If you don’t have time or health to volunteer at a local shelter, you can donate Christmas treats, toys, clothing, blankets and many other things you don’t need anymore. There are people that need those things, so why not make them happy this Christmas? We are all equal and we all deserve to have a merry Christmas. Many of us often forget about it, but hopefully I will inspire you to do more good deeds this festive season.

7 Awaken the Christmas spirit within yourself

If you don’t feel a joy of the festive season, be sure to awaken the Christmas spirit within yourself. Make Christmas decorations, volunteer, visit local Christmas markets, take a stroll to see Christmas lights, watch Christmas movies, read your favorite Christmas stories and do anything that can help boost your Christmas spirit. You deserve to be happy this holiday season!

8 Christmas decorations

Nothing says Christmas like the beautifully decorated houses on the street. If one of your neighbors can’t decorate their house, offer them your help. Maybe they can’t afford to buy Christmas lights to decorate the whole house, or they are too old to do it, why not help them? You can even ask the other neighbors to help you. Devoting one afternoon to volunteering is a great way to spread the Christmas cheer and make other people a little bit happier!

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Whether we want it or not, but we often forget about the true spirit of Christmas. I hope these little tips will help people to make this holiday season happier. As you see, you don’t need a lot of money to help others. All you need is some time, efforts and a good mood. What’s your favorite way to spread Christmas cheer?