10 Cool Destinations to Visit with Your BFF

Apr 3, 2017

Need a girl’s only vacation? When you and your bestie decide to hit the road, you are embarking on an incredible journey. Surely, there are locations for everyone, but you want to do something special.

Something that will keep you two talking about it forever, like an exotic and exciting location loaded with attractions. Here are the top ten travel destinations for you and your best friend to enjoy.

1 Tuscany, Italy

Nothing is better than grabbing your suitcases and bestie and heading out to wine country for some TLC. Tuscany is a land that bathes in golden sunlight and green foliage. Here, the world takes on a more leisurely perspective. Together, you can walk through grape orchards, sample regional delights, and enjoy separating yourselves from the hectic world to celebrate the Tuscan way with friendly locals.

2 Bahamas

Sometimes you just need to get away from it all and head to the islands. The Bahamas are a string of glorious subtropics, breathtaking sunsets, and crystalline waters. In the water, you and your BFF can snorkel and dive to swim among the tropical fish and reefs.

The lifestyle on the Bahamas is musical, and so wherever you two go, you will hear percussion, ocean waves, and laughter. Since festivals happen throughout the year, double the fun by matching your trip dates with one of those celebrations.

3 Barcelona, Spain

Early morning strolls along the Mediterranean sound like something you two would be interested in? Then head to Barcelona. First-rate tapas bars commingle with multicourse, elegantly presented Spanish cooking.

There is also a vast selection of inexpensive Spanish wine, flamenco dance classes, and the glory of the Spanish lifestyle to experience. Barcelona has pleasant weather throughout the year, and the beaches are stunning, no matter when you arriving.

4 Singapore

The tropical destination of Singapore is also filled with vibrant culture, scrumptious street food, and convivial nightlife. At night, Singapore is a colorful rainbow of parties, glowing green space, communal dining, and live entertainment.

During the day, the city is alive with dozens of shopping locations. For the besties who love exploring history, the plethora of museums, galleries, temples, and markets in Singapore detailing Asian culture and art are sure to inspire. Oh, and the Sentosa Island? Beaches never looked so good.

5 Lisbon, Portugal

The romance and sophistication of Lisbon are spellbinding, and the old-fashioned hospitality of smiling faces and courteousness are genuine. In cafes, bookstores, and all throughout the city, life moves at a slower, more enjoyable pace throughout the day.

You and your BFF can wander the stone streets, visiting art galleries and museums and admiring the pastel colored houses. There are trolleys and live music, boisterous food markets, and Portuguese cuisines to sample. And if you both love beer, Lisbon has a blossoming craft beer scene.

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6 San Francisco, California

This city is an indescribable place. The essence of big city meshes with a European artistic flair. Not only does San Francisco have a multitude of historical and touristy sites to check out, there are activities like biking the Golden Gate bridge, exploring Fisherman’s wharf, and even a nearby “wine country.” At night, you and your bestie can dine alfresco before joining in on the nightlife at the award-winning cocktail bars and hotel lounges.

7 Montreal, Quebec

The second largest French-speaking city in the world has all the elegance of Paris without the need to hop on a long distance flight. Montreal is a romantic city with several boroughs for exploring.

You and your girlfriend can marvel at the skyscrapers, museums, boutique outlets, and music venues before hitting up Chinatown for shopping, authentic Chinese food, and photographs, then end the day in one of the many pubs throughout the city. No matter where you turn, there is something delightful in Montreal.

8 Tokyo, Japan

BFFs seriously need to head to Tokyo – a major fashion destination if there ever was one. Tokyo has shopping opportunities no matter where you go throughout the city, ranging from designer to bargain shopping. The cute cafes, including ones with cats, are the perfect pit stop for refueling.

You two can also enjoy spa treatments at the LaQua spa in Tokyo Dome, an amusement park smack in the middle of the city; dress up as Mario Kart characters and ride around Shibuya. Or, find “purikura” photo booths which give Snapchat filters a serious run for their money.

9 Thailand

At the epicenter of Asian culture, Thailand has an integrity that remains steadfast despite the tourism. Plus, the prices for a decent hotel are hard to beat. The rich heritage of the land is something you and your bestie will love because there is nothing you cannot do.

Go shopping and partying in Bangkok. Head North to Chiang Mai and Doi Khun Tan National Park for temples, hiking, and majestic views. If lounging on beaches and getting massaged is more your style, Thailand has mesmerizing locations like Ko Tao, Mai Khao, and Karon. Check out pictures. Jaw-dropping!

10 Buzios, Brazil

Just three hours from Rio de Janeiro’s crowded streets is a South American beach fit for you and your bestie. Buzios is a leisurely town with a boutique atmosphere and cobblestone streets. Visitors are invited to enjoy Brazilian culture at a more relaxed pace here.

You and your BFF can spend the entire day at the beach surfing, swimming, and snorkeling if you wanted. Afterward, you can quench your thirst on fresh coconut milk and straight from the ocean seafood. Or, if you two decide to wander the town, you may find yourselves in an elegant restaurant listening to live music.

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So how ready are you and your BFF for the ultimate trip? Any one of these locations is sure to be please you both. From wine countries to same of the most satisfying shopping locations on the globe, these top ten destinations have it all. Who knows, you may find yourselves opting to hit every spot on this list!