10 Cool Destinations to Visit with Your BFF

Apr 4, 2017

Need a girl’s only vacation? When you and your bestie decide to hit the road, you are embarking on an incredible journey. Surely, there are locations for everyone, but you want to do something special.

Something that will keep you two talking about it forever, like an exotic and exciting location loaded with attractions. Here are the top ten travel destinations for you and your best friend to enjoy.

1. Tuscany, Italy

Nothing is better than grabbing your suitcases and bestie and heading out to wine country for some TLC. Tuscany is a land that bathes in golden sunlight and green foliage. Here, the world takes on a more leisurely perspective. Together, you can walk through grape orchards, sample regional delights, and enjoy separating yourselves from the hectic world to celebrate the Tuscan way with friendly locals.

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