10 Most Festive Cities to Spend Christmas in Europe

Nov 22, 2016

Photo: pinterest.com Christmas is a festive and wonderful time anywhere, but it is made increasingly special in Europe. The land of beautiful landscapes, gorgeous and old architecture and the homeland of many fairytales we all grew up with. While Europe is filled with incredible destinations to spend your holiday, these ten cities are sure to fill you with joy and convince you that you are truly experiencing something magical.

1 Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a beautiful city as it is, but at Christmas there is just something special about seeing the magnificent cathedral in snow and giant Christmas trees in the square. From markets to mulled wine, the chilly nights in Prague at Christmas time are definitely something to cherish.

2 Lapland, Finland

Land of snow and cold, cold days, Lapland in Finland is sure to give you the Christmas you have always been hoping for. Lots of snow, the northern lights and hey, the hometown of Santa. With everything from skiing to Christmas caroling to Santa’s village, this is somewhere that is certainly a once in a lifetime holiday experience.

3 Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is a beautiful city as it is, but there is just something about the way the lights of the Christmas market glimmer off the imposing, Gothic buildings in Grand Place. A giant Christmas tree and all the chocolate and mulled wine you can handle makes Brussels an amazing place to visit at Christmas.

Also, make sure you do not miss the Christmas Parade on December 11, which is a whole new kind of festivity that will make you think you’re hanging out with the elves in the North Pole.

4 Krakow, Poland

Poland is known for its odd Christmas traditions, and Krakow is no exception. In a way though, this difference is charming and can make for an exciting holiday. Something called Christmas cribs are popular decorations and look like some sort of odd cross between Saint Mary’s Basilica, a nativity scene and some color from Russia. Regardless of the strange customs, the food and markets are amazing and are sure to give you all the Christmas feels.

5 Copenhagen, Denmark

The highlight of Christmas in Copenhagen will be the incredible cup of hot chocolate you can have while walking through an enchanting Christmas market followed by a wander in the Land of Elves. Copenhagen is a great place to spend Christmas for the whole family and since it is quite north you are nearly guaranteed to have snow.

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6 Amsterdam, Netherlands

While most cities close down most of their cultural hubs at Christmas time, Amsterdam does the opposite. Want to enjoy some holiday cheer but then also have a wander around some of its famous museums? You can!

However, if you are only there for the festivities then there is still plenty to do. Be sure to check out the awesome Light Festival, the Christmas market and be sure to dabble in some ice-skating throughout the city.

7 Rome, Italy

Rome is an interesting place to spend Christmas because it still feels very ancient. Between the ruins from the Roman Empire to wide boulevards and squares that resemble much of what they did centuries ago, spending Christmas here feels truly like a step back in time. The markets at Piazza Navona and the lights surrounding the Trevi Fountain are sights and experiences that will stay with you for many Christmases to come.

8 Salzburg, Austria

There is nothing more magical than spending time in a city with gorgeous architecture, beautiful twinkling lights and magnificent mountains in the backdrop. Another great reason why Salzburg is amazing at Christmas is because the city works hard to maintain its Christmas traditions, so you may just think you have turned back the clock to 1750 Austria. Enjoy some chocolate, do some shopping and gave at the mountains and the castle in the background.

9 Moscow, Russia

Moscow is a place many people don’t even think about visiting over the holiday season, but if you do then you are in store for more Christmas cheer than you would be expecting. From giant Christmas trees erected in front of Saint Basil’s Cathedral to lights adorning Christmas stalls to the Winter Festival and ice skating, there will be more to do than you will have the time for.

10 Strasbourg, France

You haven’t seen Christmas lights until you have seen the ones the quite literally engulf the streets in Strasbourg. What makes Christmas in Strasbourg so unique and special is the fact that each part of the city is a themed Christmas village, all with hundreds and thousands of lights that make the street bright as day. Go ice-skating and enjoy delicious French wine and food. It will certainly be an experience like any other.

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While there are dozens of other amazing places to spend Christmas in Europe, these ten are exceptional in their own right and will make Christmas an experience like you have never had before.