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FAQs: Most festive European cities to spend Christmas

What are the best European cities to spend Christmas in?

There is a big list of top European cities to visit in the winter, so vacationers may pick and choose where they want to go. If you’re planning a European vacation in the coming months, consider these cities: Prague, Copenhagen, Krakow, Strasbourg, Budapest, Berlin, London, and Brussels.

What festive activities can I experience in these cities?

You can do many festive activities, but one of the most popular is trying delicious foods and drinks, ice skating or skiing, attending festivals and concerts, and shopping.

Are there any special Christmas markets I should visit?

Many cities and towns organize Christmas markets on Christmas Eve, which contain a diversity of handicrafts, local delicacies, and other fascinating stuff. Strasbourg Christmas Market, Budapest Christmas Market, and Copenhagen Christmas Market are among the most must-visit and spectacular places.

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