10 Wonderful Christmas Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Thanksgiving is over, which means it’s time to start preparing for Christmas. Apart from cooking and decorating, you should also consider some gift ideas for people you love. There’s an unfair stereotype about Christmas gifts. Many people avoid celebrating the holiday because of a lack of money. I’m a rather poor girl cursed with incredibly expensive taste. I can’t avoid the holidays and I really love to give gifts that my dearest and nearest will use for years to come. This year, I’m on a very pinched budget so I spent more than two days looking for some affordable yet fantastic Christmas gifts that everyone will definitely love. Take a look at my list if you have no idea what to buy this Christmas.

1 App magnets

Maybe it’s a very cheap gift, but it’s way better than no gift at all. The average price is $5.99, which means you already have one gift for Christmas party. App Magnets are perfect for those who can’t imagine their day without using apps on their smartphones or iPhones. These cute magnets will make their fridge or any other boring metallic surface look like a giant phone with various apps.

2 Pocket mirror

Pocket mirror is a great Christmas gift for your friend, sibling, niece or goddaughter. With a great variety of pocket mirrors, it’s easy to choose the one that suits anyone’s taste. $6-$10 will be enough to purchase a meaningful gift like a pocket mirror.

3 Colorful chocolates

Colorful chocolates are a great way to add a hint of chocolatey spirit to the holiday season. The best part is that you can make your own colorful chocolates instead of spending your hard-earned money on the chocolates that contain harmful ingredients. If you’re not good at cooking, look for a box of colorful chocolates that contain more healthy ingredients.

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4 Mini slow cooker

Mini slow cooker isn’t for everyone, but if you know that your sister or mom enjoys cooking, $20-$30 will be enough to make her happy this Christmas. Mini slow cooker can also be a wonderful gift for a single man. 3 quart slow cooker may be too big, while 1.5 quart slow cooker is just exactly what he needs.

5 Makeup and beauty products

Girls strive to look beautiful and they spend enormous sums of money on makeup products. Lip glosses, shadows, mascaras, shampoos, conditioners, facial masks and many other beauty things will make perfect gifts for all those girls you know and want to make happy on Christmas. The price is absolutely different, depending on the brand you pick.

6 Scarf

I’ve noticed that many men as well as women like to wear scarves. A few years ago, we could forget about scarves, but now they are a must during the fall and winter season. Some wear during the summer season too. Depending on the person’s taste, purchase a scarf that they’ll definitely want to wear. Be ready to splurge up to $35-$50. Scarves for kids are a bit cheaper.

7 Wine rack

This Christmas gift seems to be expensive, but you can buy it for less than $25. Of course, it’s not for kids, but adults will probably be happy to receive such a gift. Sometimes we’re greedy to buy the simple things like a wine rack because we think it can wait. So, why not surprise your wine lover on Christmas Eve?

8 Funny socks

Socks make a wonderful gift for any occasion and anyone. There are many different warm socks to choose from, including Christmas ones. Not only is this an affordable gift, it’s also a meaningful gift that your receiver may want to wear each day. Warm and stylish, in a stripe or dot design, the choice is endless.

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9 Condiment pots with tray

Whether we want it or not, we need to cook something each day. Condiments make our everyday meals tastier and less boring. Gifting condiment pots with tray is an amazing way to brighten up a receiver’s kitchen and meals at the same time. The average price is $25.

10 iStand

The iStand with a built in back-up battery is the perfect gift for smartphone junkies and those who spend most of their time watching movies or playing games online. If you can’t afford to buy the iStand with a built in back-up battery that typically costs around $60-$119, look for simpler versions that cost $5-$15.

Christmas is very commercialized. We spend tons of money on the gifts that many receivers just throw away or re-gift. Instead of focusing on the gifts, focus on the people you love. Yes, Christmas without gifts isn’t Christmas, but splurging on the expensive things that might leave you running into debts isn’t an option too. Do you find yourself spending more money on Christmas gifts than on Christmas dinner? Do you think the price is important when it comes to gifts?