10 Biggest Christmas 2016 Events Worldwide

Nov 30, 2016

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Christmas is a wonderful time of year. It feels magical, it feels special and more than anything it is a great time to just be around friends and family and enjoy a good cup of hot chocolate or mulled wine. While every country has amazing places to celebrate Christmas, these ten Christmas 2016 festivals from around the world are sure to blow you away, so it may be time to plan your Christmases to visit as many of these amazing festivals as possible.

1 Winter Wonderland, Hyde Park, London

This festival is in Hyde Park in London and is just as magical as it sounds from its name. It is one of the biggest festivals in the world, with the last year having two million visitors. At this festival, you will find stalls filled with lovely handmade trinkets and food as well as your Christmas staples like an ice rink and Santa Claus.

If you are more adventurous, Winter Wonderland also has two rollercoasters, a huge observation wheel and two Christmas-themed circuses that closely resemble Cirque du Soleil. Winter Wonderland is already open and will remain open until January 2 -prices vary depending on age and what attractions you’re interested in.

2 Christmas Festival of Lights, Portland, Oregon

This Christmas festival located in Portland, Oregon is truly a magical place to be. Nothing feels more Christmassy than bright, colorful lights entwined on trees along softly lit wooded pathways in the dark.

This display contains more than one million lights and it is unlike anything else in the world. Also called The Grotto, this festival draws more 25,000 people a year and is worth the trek. The festival is already open and will be until January 1. Certain parts of the Grotto are free and others are not, so check the website if you want to visit.

3 Budapest Christmas Fair, Hungary

If you are looking for a Christmas festival that is a bit more out of the ordinary than this is the one for you. Vorosmarty Square is filled with Hungarian wooden cottage stalls that will sell you unique holiday gifts, mulled wine, and more while the smell of cinnamon and fig will waft through the air. This Christmas fair is open until January 1 and is totally free.

4 Santa Claus Christmas Celebration, Santa Claus, Indiana

Also known as America’s Christmas Hometown – Santa Claus, Indiana – you can drive through the 1.2 mile Family Christmas Light Aventure along Lake Rudolph as well as experience your stereotypical roasted chestnuts at Santa’s Candy Castle. This festival is great for the whole family and if you have kids they will love staying at Santa’s Lodge. You can enjoy this festival until December 18.

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5 Santa’s Enchanted Forest, Miami, Florida

Located in Miami, Florida where the Christmas spirit feels a little different due to the tropical climate, Santa’s Enchanted Forest is everything you would hope it would be. Perfect for a young family, you will have access to dozens of rides, animal petting and shows that feature something even as dramatic as a Bengal tiger. Enjoy Miami’s light-filled extravaganza until January 8, with prices hovering around $30, depending on your age.

6 Christmas in Ice, North Pole, Alaska

Nothing can feel more Christmassy than actually visiting the North Pole, and that is exactly where this Alaskan events takes place. In North Pole, Alaska you can view some seriously impressive ice sculptures, go ice skating and be amazed by the many things that can be done with ice. Open until January 8, admission is under $10 a day.

7 Christkindlmarket, Chicago

If you want the experience of a European Christmas Market at home in the good old United States, then this is your chance. Daley Plaza turns into a European Christmas haven where you can buy things from little wooden cottage stalls and drink mulled wine to your hearts content.

8 Plaza Mayor Christmas Market, Madrid

This Christmas event in Madrid is absolutely beautiful and unlike its other European counterpart markets. With tents instead of wooden stalls and white lights that hang down in strips like stalactites, this festival will be one you won’t forget. Open until December 31, there is plenty of time to enjoy this massive and gorgeous festival.

9 Festival of Chuntunquis, Sucre, Bolivia

In Sucre, Bolivia they know how to spread Christmas cheer, even though it might be sweltering hot. What makes this festival so special is how it’s both religious oriented while also trying to be fun and beautiful. You will see strings of lights hanging between palm trees and decorating buildings, many nativity scenes and a giant Christmas tree in Plaza Libertad. You will never experience anything like this harmonious combination of the two aspects to Christmas.

10 San Juan Christmas Market and Festival, Puerto Rico

The old town of San Juan is a beautiful and unique place to spend your Christmas. They have beautiful lights strung all around the old town with the backdrop of the crystal, shimmering ocean. With incredible food and amazing shopping, this seaside Christmas event is not one to be missed.

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Christmas is exciting all around the world and these ten Christmas 2016 events and festivals are truly unique and special each in their own way. Which one would you like or are going to visit?