2 Zurich, Switzerland

Photo: goldenpass.ch

Zurich is the birthplace of milk chocolate, and this city churns it out like it is going out of style. There are chocolate shops on nearly every corner. To really satisfy your sweet tooth, visit the Nopra Chocolate Shop for their Sweet Tooth Xmas Tour. Take a guided tour of the most festive parts of the city and head back to the shop to create your own chocolate while sipping on homemade glögg.

Another fun way to enjoy the special Swiss chocolate is a ride on the Chocolate Train. Leaving from Montreux and heading to Gruyeres and Broc, you can get both sweet and savoury on this train ride. Stop first in Gruyeres for the finest cheese and fondue tastings, then continue to Broc for an immersive tour of the Maison-Callier chocolate factory.