FAQs: Most interesting questions about Christmas destinations chocolate lovers will enjoy:

Which destination is best known for its history with chocolate?

Belgium is best known for its history with chocolate. It appeared in Belgium only in the second half of the 18th century. Flavored with spices, this bitter drink was intended exclusively for male warriors. It was believed that chocolate gave them strength and courage and increased physical endurance. The quality of Belgian chocolate comes from centuries of tradition.

Which city is known as chocolate country?

Brussels is called the European capital of chocolate. The city received this status in 1912 when the great confectioner Jean Neuhaus created chocolates that eventually won widespread fame. Today, tourists buy the famous Belgian shell chocolates in huge quantities as souvenirs.

What is the best Christmas chocolate?

With a creamy gianduja hazelnut filling, Barry Saint Bernard is considered the best Christmas chocolate. It is covered in the finest Swiss milk and white chocolate and has a red marzipan Santa hat on the head for a bit of Christmas flair.

Why do we give chocolate at Christmas?

One of the most popular sweets given at Christmas is chocolate. Almost everyone loves chocolate, which is often the favorite dessert for men and women, regardless of age. In addition, this is a reasonably versatile gift that can be given to both a close friend and a work colleague. Therefore, many chocolate manufacturers produce unique sets of chocolates for Christmas.