10 Bizarre Things Pet Owners Are Buying This Holiday Season

Nov 20, 2016

We all love our animals, whether cat, dog, or other creature, we adore our furry friends. But some people take it a little overboard and buy their animals ridiculous things they do not actually need. Case in point being these ten weirdest best-selling items on Amazon:

1 Puppy Scoops Ice Cream Mix

Forget about sharing your food with your dog. Especially your ice cream, I mean, who wants to share ice cream? Well, here is the solution to your complicated problem: maple bacon or peanut butter or vanilla flavored ice cream for dogs. Let your pooch get a tummy pooch by stuffing its face with ice cream it probably should not have in the first place.

2 Cat Wine

Another ridiculous food item, but this time it is for your feline friend. You want to get drunk, but not all alone watching some sappy movie while you cry into your ice cream you are sharing with your dog – no, that would be pathetic. Instead, get drunk with your cat! Yes, Meowsling is the solution to all your drinking alone problems.

3 Bowser Beer

Yet another bottle booze for your animal, but this time it is for that spoiled dog again. Boswer Beer is a “beefy brown ale” for your dog so you can get drunk with him too. Oh wait, just kidding, it is non-alcoholic. I guess you are on your own tonight.

4 FurryFido Reversible Pet Sling Carrier

Do you want to carry your dog or cat like the baby they are? Why not buy a reversible pet sling carrier? Just toss it over your shoulder, grab your pup and lug around his furry butt all day. I mean, it is not like they can just walk on their own, right?

5 Kurgo Leash and Zipline Dog Vehicle Restraint

Does your dog constantly run back and forth in your back seat while you are trying to drive? Are you worried he might topple over and hurt himself somehow anytime soon? Well, keep your dog safe with a car zip line. Just strap it up using the handlebars atop your ceiling, strap him in, and go. Now he can run back and forth but be safe.

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6 Lesypet Pet Umbrella

Plan on walking your dog in the rain for some reason? Don’t want to dry them off when you get home? Well, just buy them a pet umbrella! Strap it on to their leash and your pup will stay dry when you decide he needs to walk in the rain.

7 Petcube Camera

Do you miss your dog while you are gone? Want to Skype with him but your dog can’t operate a laptop? Well, Petcube is here for you. With its wide angle lens you can stalk your dog at all hours, and with its interactive laser, you can play with him all day, too!

8 Cat Laptop

Remember how your dog can’t operate a laptop? Well, your cat can. Apparently. Just kidding, it does not actually work, it just looks like one and has a scratchboard and fluffy mouse to entertain your cat so hopefully, it will stop laying on yours while you try to work.

9 Mewgaroo Pet Holder Hoodie

Don’t want to carry your animal in a sling? Why not a hoodie? Hold your furry friend close in the extra-large pocket on the front. The pocket is even fur-lined to keep them warm. Just make sure you do not carry them for hours. They need to get their dose of exercise, after all.

10 Warren London Pawdicure Polish Pen

Because painting your animal’s toenails is so important, Warren London makes it easier by putting the polish in pen form. Smart, right? Now you can paint to your heart’s content. Well, maybe your furry baby will not notice that beauty at first, but she will definitely look fabulous on your Christmas party. The question is, do you really think you need to paint your cat’s toenails? Doesn’t it sound weird?

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So out of these ten, which is the most ridiculous? The pet booze? The polish pen? Leave a comment below on your vote. Or let us know if you have bought any of these or other crazy products and if they actually are not ridiculous. I mean, anything is possible, right?