9 Great Differences Between Cat Lovers and Dog Lovers

Nov 28, 2023

Personally I do not see any difference between cat lovers and dog lovers, because I have cats and dogs, and love them all without exception. I cannot even tell if I am a cat person or a dog person. But studies prove that there are many differences between people who own kittens and those who own puppies. It is known that 61-62 millions of cats and 70-80 millions of dogs are owned in the United States.

In 2014, Denise Guastello, an associate professor of psychology at Carroll University conducted a research that showed that cat people and dog people have different personalities. I believe the difference is visible and understandable only when a person knows exactly what animals they love most. Either way, here are 9 great differences between cat and dog lovers.

1 Cat lovers are not afraid to be alone

Wonder why so many lonely girls own cats? This is probably an answer to your question. Cat people crave solitude and they love to spend time and live alone. Dog lovers, on the contrary, enjoy the company and they have trouble living alone. Now I realize that I love both solitude and company, phew.

2 Dog lovers seek companionship

One of the reasons why people adopt or buy dogs is because they look for long-term companionship. Cat people expect from their pets affection rather than companionship. Remember they love solitude?

Dogs adore companionship too. My friend, who is a big dog lover, says, “the best thing about owning a dog is companionship. When I come home, my puppy comes to greet me as if he has not seen me for ages.”

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3 Cat lovers tend to ignore rules

Dogs are less clumsy and more obedient than cats. While it is extremely hard to make a cat to walk with you in the park or teach them to sit or lie down when needed, dogs do those things easily. The same goes for dog lovers – they follow the rules and obey when needed. Cat people have tendency to rebel or ignore the rules they do not like.

4 Cat people are highly sensitive

Sensitivity is a good trait that mostly cat people possess. It does not mean dog lovers are selfish or know nothing about compassion. They simply strive to think rationally and do not let their hearts to worry about the things that make no sense in their lives.

5 Cat lovers are more independent

This is obvious. Cats love independence and their owners keep up with them. They do not bother about a single life. They have enough strength to survive the hard times all alone and cope with any problem without any help. Dog people enjoy codependency and have trouble solving their problems without someone else’s help, though there are exceptions, of course.

6 Dog owners trust people

Dog people have wonderful listening skills and high trust levels. They have a tendency to believe in anything others say, while cat owners check the information twice before saying that it is correct. Cat owners have some trust issues, but they rarely suffer from cheating and betrayal.

7 Cat lovers are incredibly creative

Imaginativeness and creativity are 2 words that describe cat owners. Their unique, bright, weird and silly ideas astonish everyone around them. Dog lovers have a high creativity level as well, but few of them develop their imaginativeness and creativity.

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8 Dog people are more outgoing

Dogs love the company and tend to spend more time with people than just sleep the whole day on the couch. Dog owners have the same trait. They are super outgoing and inborn extroverts. Cat people are a bit introverted and they prefer to stay home rather than party all night long.

9 Dog people are more energetic

Cat owners are much lazier than dog owners? Why? Because dog owners have to wake up early in the morning and go for a walk with their puppies, while cat owners keep sleeping and wake up whenever they want. Cats seems to sleep more than dogs, so cat people have more freedom than those who have dogs. Dogs are so clingy and so energetic that it is hard to be lazy around them.

Some studies also claim that cat lovers are more intelligent than dog lovers, and dog lovers are much friendlier than cat lovers. In fact, it is hard to explain because each person is unique in their own way. Check out the video below to have some fun with cute kittens and puppies. They both are so adorable, aren’t they?