8 Awesome Traits of People Born in December

Nov 30, 2016

Some people believe in the astrological signs, and some don’t. But sometimes their descriptions of our personalities are so dead on we have to take a step back and reevaluate our own belief system (at least when it comes to the stars and what they mean when it comes to our lives).

If you are a non-believer who was born in December or knows someone who was born in this frosty month, take a look at these eight traits of December babies and decide whether or not you need to reevaluate your universal beliefs.

1 Studious students

Winter babies are apparently inherently known to be great learners. Intelligent, inquisitive, and more than willing to go across the world just to learn something new and fascinating. Many of them become constant learners and great scientists.

2 Overtly organized

This is a given considering they are studious. You need to be organized in order to keep yourself focused long enough to learn anything. But really, all they want is harmony and purity in all aspects of their lives, including their closets and drawers.

3 Dutifully disciplined

Again, the previous traits lead into this one. In order to be studious and organized, they also obviously need to be disciplined, at least a little. So when it comes to these winter born people, all you need to remember is that they need to know their time is precious to them and they will always limit themselves.

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4 Greatly generous

Although they seem to be coming off a little harsh from the previous traits, December people love to share. They strongly believe in good karma and want to give back for everything the world has given them, which in turn will lead to something even better for them. Again, never wasting their time.

5 Always adventurous

Though they are organized and meticulous, they are also explorers. Whether it is traveling for vacation, for learning, or just for the experience, December kids adore the world and everything it has to offer (maybe not spiders or bees, but everything else is a yes).

6 Truly truthful

Going back to their more serious traits, they are truth seekers. They do not stop until they uncover the truth. They will never just take something at face value, even if it is coming from their mother. I mean, moms do lie about things.

7 Pensive partners

As you may have figured out by now, December people are thoughtful lovers. They never want to let their partners down, though they may come off controlling in the relationship, they mean well and want to make it work no matter what.

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8 Famed friends

Obviously, if they put all their effort into their significant others, they also put it into their friends. They always value their friendships and do whatever it takes to maintain that relationship.

Now, of course, it is hard to fit any complex human being into just a few traits, but as you read this, think about anyone you know who was born in December and compare. Are they great friends and lovers and just a bit kooky about cleanliness? Or the complete opposite? Show this to them and see what they think.