The Mysterious Nature of People Born on Halloween

Born on October 31st? Well, aren’t you lucky? Some might believe that being born on one of the scariest nights of the year might be a special type of curse. Actually, you can consider yourself blessed, especially if you display some of the following traits.

1 Planetary Power

Being born on the 31st of October means that you are ruled by both Pluto and Mars. This unique blend adds a spin to your astrological-based personality. Depending on which zodiac you are following – the old one with 12 or the new one with 13 – you are either a Scorpio or Libra. Go with whichever one fits you better.

But regardless of your sign, the way Pluto and Mars affect you can be through adding energy to your already passionate personality. Perhaps, you find yourself with moments of intense determination that are not necessarily characteristic. That power definitely helps you through hardships and haunted houses.

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2 Personality

For Scorpios: Being born on Halloween has exponentially increased Scorpio’s sense of loyalty and dependability. Leadership qualities pour from this Scorpio, and they pride themselves in taking action. They are the ones people run to support whenever ghosts pop out from hiding. But at the same time, Scorpio might be the one doing the scaring. These people are true individuals with creative minds and emotions.

The downside to being a Scorpio born on October 31st is that this heightened sense of loyalty makes them short-tempered when dealing with potential lies. They expect a lot from their companions and coworkers, and if people do not adhere to these expectations, they get curt.

For Libras: Because Libras are affected greatly by Venus, there is a need for beautiful things and harmony. Halloween might not be a time of balance for Libra at all. They would rather spend an evening with a good book rather than partaking in fright fests. However, they will not turn down the chance to take a walk in a park to enjoy the autumnal scenery. Like Scorpio, truth and justice are important to Libra.

Libras are not much for scare-tactics. They would rather see a group of people cooperating calmly rather than dealing with stressful issues.

Overall: Regardless of your astrological affiliation, you are an enthusiastic yet rational individual who delights in innovation and your own style of fun.

3 Numerology

If you follow numbers more than the power of planets and stars, this deduction might be of interest to you. Being born on the 31st day means that you are 4. Now the year you were born also comes into play, but this “4” is a huge piece of the puzzle. This number makes you a diligent and disciplined person. You are also a workaholic because the satisfaction of a completed project is one of your favorite things.

Once the 10th month is factored into the numerology equation, you draw a “5.” This counters your hardworking tendencies with a sense of mischief. In other words, you will work hard to make your front lawn a terrifying spectacle and get a most satisfying rush when that mummy makes children scream. “5” also means you delight in making striking observations, giving you keen insight to any situation.

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4 Fun stuff

A 2011 study from Yale concluded that 5% fewer babies are born on Halloween than any other day of the year (leap years included). The research group noted that the negative symbolism of Halloween, such as curses, ghosts, and evil, have influenced births for a long time.

Good news if you are a drinker. Show a bartender your ID on Halloween and tell them it is your birthday. Chances are you will get a special-themed drink that is twice as good as any piece of cake or candy will ever be.

But bad news if you are expecting presents. This kind of coincides with being born on Christmas. You miss out on a separate occasion. You might have found that, as a kid, your presents consisted of your Halloween costume, brownies with candy corn, and voodoo dolls.

You share a birthday with these people:

  • Willow Smith (Will Smith’s diva daughter)
  • Christopher Columbus
  • John Candy
  • Rob Schneider
  • Robert Van Winkle (Vanilla Ice)
  • Peter Jackson (LOTR Trilogy Director)

Happy Halloween and Happy Birthday to all those who were born on one of the coolest holidays around the world!